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Drop The Mic

"Taye Diggs vs. Karrueche Tran"

[Round 1: Karrueche Tran]
They said I'm battlin' Taye Diggs, but all that I'm seein'
Is that I'm standin' across from black Mr. Clean
Ageing is a b*tch, Taye looks like a dad
You're proof that brown sugar can go bad
Your acting is boring and your music's a bummer
You're just like Tyrese, but less famous and dumber
Your whole style sucks and I hate to say it
You went from starring in 'Rent' to taking any role to pay it

[Round 1: Taye Diggs]
Karrueche, what did you list on your taxes for "occupation"?
"I post pictures of my ass on vacation"?
Gossip's your love life, yeah, I've heard plenty
How you in the movie Nice Guys, but never dated any?
And on the same subject, I don't mean to be rude
Has it ever occurred to you to Google these dudes?
When I first saw you, I thought, "Wow, I found it
Someone who makes Kylie Jenner seem well-rounded"

[Round 2: Karrueche Tran]
Your divorce career sucks and your rapping is wack
Damn, Stella, you need to get your groove back
Played a sexy doctor and appealed to the masses
But now you just look like a Milk Dud in glasses
That role in Hedwig, what's the [?]
You just needed the dress, already had the angry inch
And black women hate you for your dating past
But black, white, Asian, I can tell you now: ain't nobody want your ass

[Round 2: Taye Diggs]
You were a freelance celebrity stylist, that's odd
It's also the longest way to say you didn't have a job
Your career's had momentum, but only in flashes
You'd stop being famous if Instagram crashes
You co-star on Claws, and I don't mean to be mean
But Niecy Nash wipes the floor with your ass in every scene
I wondered who your fans were, but now I understand it
You're like Jhené Aiko, except with no talent

[Round 3: Karrueche Tran]
You made fun of Claws, whatchu thinkin', homie?
You're the voice of a cat on My Little Pony
And you dissed my fans, they find me appealing
The only fans you got are desk and ceiling
Should've read this contract before I agreed
When I signed up for Diggs, I thought it was Daveed
But Taye is a name that's both exotic and hot
Until I found out this dude's real name is Scott!?

[Round 3: Taye Diggs]
It's cute you started dating Victor Cruz this year
He fumbles footballs, you fumbled your career
But I'm rooting for you, because you guys seem like winners
But if this one's like the last one, baby, try Tinder
You're hardly a rapper, you're hardly an actress
Take it from Scott, your ass needs some private practice
You wanna be Chrissy Teigan, so it needs to be mentioned
Battling me's the closest you'll ever get to a legend

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