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Drop The Mic

"Chandler Riggs vs. Chad L. Coleman"

[Round 1: Chandler Riggs]
It's a Walking Dead battle with Chad L. Coleman
Oh, wait, I thought that said Chadwick Boseman
When I died, fans cried, 'cause it was iconic
When you died, they were like "oh, wait, he's still on it?"
I spent years on the show trying to protect myself
You got killed by a zombie while looking at a shelf
Sure, you were on 'The Wire,' but tonight it gets real
In this battle, I'm Negan and this mic is Lucille

[Round 1: Chad L. Coleman]
Chandler, I'ma get you booked in Left 4 Dead 3
'Cause you damn sure brain-dead tryna battle with me
Convicted bad acting by a jury of your peers
You're sentenced to backup dancing for Britney Spears
Just call me Judge Coleman, use my gavel like my hammer
I think you sh*t yourself, so go and change your Pampers
Dopest death on TV and killed it in [the Grove?]
And since you didn't wipe your butt, at least go wipe ya nose

[Round 2: Chandler Riggs]
You're gonna lose this battle, then you'll lose your fame
Then you'll really live up to that L in your name
And you're on Orville now, that's such a thrill, bro
That's Seth Macfarlane's fifth most popular show
And how does it feel to have been on such a big hit
But on Halloween, nobody dresses in your outfit?
You were basically an extra, I don't mean to be rude
But even Chris Hardwick looked at you and said, "Who's that dude?"

[Round 2: Chad L. Coleman]
Ice T wanted you dead a long time ago
And that about describes your wacked-out rap flow
The only thing you know, for so long you let your hair grow
You 'bout to get wiped out by my sick rhyme flow
We only give a damn about Chandler from Friends
Heard you went to the prom, but they didn't let you in
Heard you went to Legoland and your ass got carded
You all bow your heads now, 'cause he's the dearly departed

[Round 3: Chandler Riggs]
Now Chad was on Terminator, his acting was a crime
He said, "I'll be back," and viewers said, "Take your time."
Walking Dead, such a big break, dying isn't sad
Some of the stars become Punisher, others are just Chad
Carl may have died when he tripped on a log
But at least I'm not remembered as a low-budget T-Dog
Tonight I've been redeemed, so I let the virus spread
You'd swear I was a Walker with how I left this fool for dead

[Round 3: Chad L. Coleman]
I'm about to rig your ass to a chandelier
[Peep the word "player"?] and get the f up outta here
Go join a boy band, stop messing with grown and sexy
Had to take your ass out, you didn't respect me
They shoulda chose Isiah Thomas, he's about yo height
Now you "Shaqin'" a fool, so I'ma drop the mic
Kirkman called me up, told me keep it on the down-low
"Should we let him live?" I told him, "Effin' hell no"

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