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Drop The Mic

"Lindsey Vonn vs. Gus Kenworthy"

[Lindsey Vonn]
Joshua, can I please have a beat?

[Round 1: Lindsey Vonn]
I was told we'd have two Winter Games champions tonight
So I'm still waiting on stage for Apolo Ohno to arrive
You love the spotlight, you must be in heaven
Imagine your ego if you placed higher than seven
Sure, you didn't medal, it's okay, you fell short
'Cause freestyle skiing isn't even a sport
That kiss from your boyfriend made you famous at last
But now you'll be famous for kissing my ass

[Gus Kenworthy]
A'ight, hit me

[Round 1: Gus Kenworthy]
I was thrilled to battle someone I consider a friend
Since you rap like you ski, you should retire again
I've scored perfect tens, you're more like a six
You somehow make me even less into chicks
And you tweeted you're lonely on Valentine's Day?
I wonder what decisions have left you that way

[Round 2: Lindsey Vonn]
Let's talk extreme skiing, you think that it's clever?
Your "sport" is doing what snowboarders do better
But I think you're so brave and I respect your career
It takes a lot of courage to be such a bad skier
Gus, I honestly feel sorry for you
'Cause, clearly, skiing's the only freestyling you should do
I'm happy young kids can look up to your image
To show them they can do anything, except won the Olympics

[Gus Kenworthy]
Alright, Joshua. I'm ready, man, I'm ready

[Round 2: Gus Kenworthy]
The way she talks about Olympics, you would never know
It's been eight f*cking years since she brought home a gold
Keep your chin up, don't be deterred
At least in rap battles, you can't finish third
You've got so many injuries, it's such a bad thing
I'm surprised when you're rapping you don't pull your hamstring
You're the biggest disappointment at a little girl's party
'Cause nobody wants a knockoff Ronda Rousey Barbie

[Round 3: Lindsey Vonn]
You made fun of my career, and I'm asking how?
You're an eventual subject for Where Are They Now?
You're an X Games bro, I'm known worldwide
You save all those dogs, but who's saving your pride?
Made fun of my injury, what's up with that?
You look like a wack tattooed Spencer Pratt
I'll give you the last word, how's that sound?
'Cause I'm the greatest f*cking skier, pound-for-pound

[Round 3: Gus Kenworthy]
I have Olympic silver, not as many medals as you
Makes sense, I'm 26; you're what, 62?
You're so boring and basic, both things together
The type who saw 'Hamilton' and it changed you forever
You may have sponsors and you do a few ads
But if you wanna stay on brand, you should promote trash bags
You brought back the gold, but I have my own
Everybody meet Gold Medal, yes, I did bring him home

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