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Drop The Mic

"Shawn Mendes vs. Odell Beckham Jr."

[Round 1: Odell Beckham Jr.]
It looks like I'm battling Harry Styles tonight
My bad, it's just all y'all white boys look alike
Your skin is so pale, just call it a hunch
You're so white, the only meal you eat is brunch
Got a song called "Mercy," and that's just wrong
Mercy would be if you could stop making these weak-ass songs
I hear you from Toronto, but you really a fake
'Cause the only star from the 6 is Drake

[Shawn Mendes]
Alright, Josh. Hit me, man

[Round 1: Shawn Mendes]
Yeah, you said that I'm fake, I think millions disagree
How'd they ever call you a Giant when you're shorter than me
Yeah, I saw your dance video, I know it went viral
Too bad you're not as good at catching Eli Manning's spirals
You brought up Drake, 'cause you lived in his house
But if he ever heard you rap, I'm sure he'd kick your ass out, man
And I'm a nice guy, and even I don't respect him
Let's be honest here, you're not even the most famous Beckham

[Round 2: Odell Beckham Jr.]
No matter what you say, my ego won't burst
'Cause whatever you've done, John Mayer did it first
With all of your songs, we know how it ends
A girl look you in your eyes saying, "Let's just be friends"
You're so soft, but I guess that's your charm
I'd give you a high-five, but I'd slap off your arm
I feel bad for homeboy, somebody come help him
So he can go back to his day job on TV as Young Sheldon

[Round 2: Shawn Mendes]
Yeah, you make fun of my records, and it seems a bit mean
Speaking of records, last season you were 3-13
A billion views on one video, and for that I'm thankful
I break the Internet, man, you just break your ankles
I'm actually confused by all of your disses
I tried to catch your references, but they were just misses
Your one-handed grab, that's what put you in the spotlight
But get ready to go home empty-handed tonight

[Round 3: Odell Beckham Jr.]
Shawn is definitely the most Caucasian human
He makes music for people who are allergic to gluten
A piece of bland chicken with a side of brown rice
You're like if Ed Sheeran was even more white
Bieber also came down here to make noise
I say "why the hell's Canada keep sending us these little boys?"
Tonight you got destroyed, you never had a chance
Now the only thing left is do my touchdown dance

[Round 3: Shawn Mendes]
Okay, okay, okay
Yeah, a dancing athlete, that's a little unusual
And it's the first time I saw that since High School Musical
You get fined for those moves that you think are the best
You should also be fined for how wack you dress, yeah
We don't even pay attention to football up north
Hockey has fights, man, yeah that's a real man's sport
Yeah, you called me "bland chicken," so that leaves you defenseless
When you have to go back and tell your teammates you lost to Shawn Mendes

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