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Drop The Mic

"Jerry Springer vs. Ricki Lake"

[Ricki Lake]
Jerry, listen closely, will ya? Joshua, give me that beat

[Round 1: Ricki Lake]
Hasn't the world had enough of Jerry Springer?
You're like a skin disease that continues to linger
He degraded television and it spread like wildfire
He makes The Kardashians look like The Wire
Jerry made a country album that's too bad to describe
Made Dolly Parton turn in her grave, and she's still alive
No disrespect, you're a real trendsetter
With a style you created, too mad Maury does it better

[Jerry Springer]
Man... Oh, man. Give me a beat!

[Round 1: Jerry Springer]
Ricki's the hottest mess I've ever seen in my life
And I'm a guy who hosted all those stripper fights
See, she had her own talk show back in the day
Imagine Rachael Ray with nothing smart to say
And your medicinal marijuana movie just debuted
If I were Ricki Lake, I'd be smoking weed too
You first starred in Hairspray, which was a good flick
But they remade it and John Travolta made a better-looking chick

[Ricki Lake]
Oh, no. Alright, Joshua, sweetheart, give me that beat

[Round 2: Ricki Lake]
Let me ask you, Jerry, does this feel strange?
You're on a show only embarrassing yourself for a change
Answer me honestly, how do you sleep at night?
Upside down in a cave, cursing at the light?
Just get off the stage, nobody's having it
You look like someone Donald Trump fired from his cabinet
Your high ratings mark our country's all-time low
This battle's like your dignity, just let it go

[Ricki Lake]

[Jerry Springer]
Alright, Josh! Give it to me

[Round 2: Jerry Springer]
Ricki stands for morals, positivity, and finesse
She's like Oprah Winfrey, without the success
I followed your career when first you set in motion
'Member Ricki Lake when she more like Ricki Ocean
Then they cancelled you the first time, you'd think that was the end
'Till they brought you back five years ago and cancelled you again
Your comeback was derailed and nobody cared
I'd try a comeback too, ya know, but my show's still on the air

[Crowd chants "Jerry"]

[Ricki Lake]
No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no, no! Oh, no! Joshua, one last time, the beat please

[Round 3: Ricki Lake]
Jerry's the only person who hates Game of Thrones
'Cause the biggest show about incest is no longer his own
I won two Emmys and still have supporters
The only thing your show got was restraining orders
America's Got Talent fired this slob
You know how bad you gotta be for Nick Cannon to take your job
I've got style and grace, and that can't be taught
I'm a boss, you lost, how's that for a final thought?

[Crowd chants "Go, Ricki"]

[Jerry Springer]
Try this one, baby! Give me a beat

[Round 3: Jerry Springer]
I already won this battle, this really was a killing
I wish Steve was here so he could throw you out of the building
You like cryptocurrency, that's fine
But just like Bitcoin, your value has declined
You're not Ellen, Rosie, or Sally Jessy
Or Jenny Jones, Whoopi, or even Kathy Lee
You're a flash in the pan, and a weak adversary
So I'll ask the crowd to chant who won:

[Crowd chants "Jerry"]

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