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Drop The Mic

"Shania Twain vs. Meghan Trainor"

[Round 1: Meghan Trainor]
When I was told I'll be battling one of my idols
I wondered if beating her was worth the title
When they told me who, I said. "Wait, peg your pardon?
Shania Twain? No problem, I thought you meant Dolly Parton"
Your latest album's called Now, and I get the visions
If you called it 15 Years Ago, people may have listened
You took a decade off, let me help a touch
Tonight, on this stage, you don't impress me much

[Round 1: Shania Twain]
You expected Dolly Parton? Must be hard on you
'Cause when I heard Meghan Trainor, my response was, "Who?"
I'm busy selling records, f*ckin' right
You're a Target back-to-school ad come to life
Yeah, I took some years off, I admit that's true
I only did it to make room for new artists like you
But, Meghan, I'm happy now to put you in your place
You don't want "treble" tonight, because I'm all about that bass

[Round 2: Meghan Trainor]
See, now you a cowgirl from Canada who likes to get loose
When you home on that farm, what you ride, a moose?
You're called the North's best, but they be dead wrong
I guess they never heard a Celine Dion song
My career just started, I barely begun
When it comes to elevator music, you're still the one
You had a million hits, nobody could contain ya
From this moment on, bow down to Meghan Trainor

[Round 2: Shania Twain]
I don't need to bow down to come out on top
Your lips are moving, I wish they would stop
You call your fans Megatrons, and that's fine
I'm about to transform them into fans of mine
I ran into trouble when my voice was just appearing
After hearing your new song, I wish it was my hearing
I sold a hundred million albums in my career
But I'm super proud of you, Meghan, you've had a couple fun years

[Round 3: Meghan Trainor]
Shania is famous for her awful stage fright
I'm the only thing on stage that can scare you tonight
You sold a lot of records, yeah, I'll give you that, fine
But who's a fan of your music? Not any man of mine
Now I'm doing things that I knew you couldn't
When I take home that trophy, man, I'll feel like a woman
I wrote these mean raps 'cause they forced me to
The truth is, my whole life I've been obsessed with you

[Round 3: Shania Twain]
Your compliments are really top-shelf
It's cute you're obsessed like everyone else
Your anger comes from jealousy, it's plain as can be
You'll never have a career as long as me
Of course you like my music, that's obviously true
'Cause if there was no Shania, there'd be no you
And I know we're battling to see who's meaner
But I love you so much, girl, I didn't wanna do this either

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