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Drop The Mic

"Bryan Tyree Henry vs. David Arquette"

[Round 1: David Arquette]
Bryan Tyree Henry, now that's a mouth-filler
Three names, what are you a serial killer?
You've been on Broadway and TV so far
Now you get to meet a real movie star
You act good on that show Atlanta
But your body looks like a department-store Santa
Your raps are as dull as a butter knife
You may rap on TV, but don't try that in real life

[Round 1: Bryan Tyree Henry]
There's David Arquette, oh wait, you didn't know?
That's actually a man, not just a pile of dirty clothes
Since 1995, your career seemed to burst
Your Wikipedia just says "listen, he's the worst"
Aw, poor David, literally, poor David
When people throw food away, you're like "please save it"
A subpar falling star, get out the way
Survived four Scream movies, but you're dyin' on the stage

[Round 2: David Arquette]
Atlanta is a classic, it's a great show
But people just watch it for Childish Gambino
Bryan's at a strip club every day
Not for the girls, but for the giant buffets
When I wore a belt, I was a wrestling champ
You just wear a belt to hold up your pants
I'm familiar with your show, I watch it frequently
They call you Paperboy because you fold so easily

[Round 2: Bryan Tyree Henry]
You beat alcoholism? Mad respect
I'd have a drinking problem too if I was David Arquette
He's better now, which I find bizarre
Especially 'cause this idiot just opened a bar!
To be honest, I'm a fan of the stuff you do
I'm surprised Never Been Kissed isn't just about you
And this could be mean, but let's hope that it's not
I heard your ex-wife, Courteney, left you for better c*cks

[Round 3: David Arquette]
You're painfully unfunny, you should be ashamed
Your name could be Cedric "Who Cannot Entertain"
Things are going great, Paperboy found fame
But you're just like Urkel, no one knows your real name
It's Jaleel White. Sorry, Jaleel. Here we go
You're a shoo-in for an Emmy next year, I bet
Not for acting, but for how much you sweat
After this, we'll get a drink at Bootsy Bellows
But you probably can't get in, 'cause you rap like Brian Fellows

[Round 3: Bryan Tyree Henry]
I'm not saying David Arquette looks really bad
I'm saying David Arquette looks homeless and sad
Like he's got a loyalty card with a guarantee
One more stamp and next rehab is free
And your personal life, where do I begin?
You produced a show with your ex about f*cking younger men
This isn't just another horror movie, my friend
'Cause guess what, the black guy survived in the end

[Bryan Tyree Henry drops the mic]

[David Arquette]
Oh, he actually dropped the mic

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