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Drop The Mic

"Michael Bennett vs. Vanessa Hudgens"

[Round 1: Vanessa Hudgens]
Your eyes are far apart, insulting you is easy
They look opposite directions, there's no way that you could see me
I admit you're impressive, but you shouldn't even try
It's also impressive when you eat a pizza pie
So why we matched up? I don't know you in the least
I get it, it's a theme: Beauty and the Beast
I'm destroying you tonight, and you'll always be a sucker
Congrats on this year's Super Bowl, nope, that was your brother

[Round 1: Michael Bennett]
I'm pretty bummed, this is a fail
You got me battling a motherf*cking fake Ashley Tisdale
I'm a major star, you just an amateur
You couldn't work the Super Bowl if your ass was a janitor
I'm out here winnin', I'm out here workin'
You out on the stage of Coachella just twerkin'
Play a superhero, maybe you can help me
What's your superpower, lookin' cute or takin' selfies?

[Round 2: Vanessa Hudgens]
I was in High School Musical, it was a huge movie
It helped define Disney, you are just Goofy
And, Michael, I think that we should question your taste
Your beard looks like you glued pubes to your face
300 pounds, imagine how his beard is stinking
He's the only man I've seen break a sweat just from thinking
Is this the best you got? Oh, stop being lazy
You can't beat me, just like you couldn't beat Tom Brady

[Round 2: Michael Bennett]
Compared to you, I'm a giant like André
I can't be scared of Ariana not-so-Grande
Looked up your music, I knew that I should
I played it for my kids, they said, 'Nah, that's not good'
You're a triple threat, I know what that means
Every time you seem to sing, people tend to leave
If you with Drake, I still wouldn't listen
Try being me, I can show you what a hit is

[Round 2: Vanessa Hudgens]
Michael dreamed of the Super Bowl his whole life
And got ejected from the game from starting a fight
Your endorsements go to charity, what a thing to do
Too bad no brands wanna endorse you
And yes, you're on the Seahawks, that sounds fine
But remember they cut your ass back in 2009
Oh, while you're here, I need a favor, one time
Please help me out and get this jersey signed

[Vanessa Hudgens]
Oh, I'm sorry, that's your brother's jersey. I would never want your autograph!

[Michael Bennett]
Noooo! Okay, okay. Could you do me a favor, Josh?

[Joshua Silverstein]
What's up?

[Michael Bennett]
Make her famous again

[Round 3: Michael Bennett]
Yeah, yeah, okay
The Hawks cut me once, don't worry about me
I got 65 million, and 50 guaranteed
In Spring Breakers, your bikini was a distraction
But to me, that's the best part of watching yo' ass actin'
You got a show, it's called Powerless, right?
What's that about, us battling tonight?
You're a little thing, I'm a monster of the game
I saw that show Grease, but you just another c*m stain

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