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Drop The Mic

"Rob Gronkowski vs. Gina Rodriguez"

[Round 1: Rob Gronkowski]
You're called the next big thing, but I doubt that's a fact
Six-foot-six, 265, what's bigger than that?
I'm a touchdown-machine, plus the chicks dig my vibe
You're a virgin, I'm not, I score all the time
Gina's always bragging 'bout how she's good at rapping
So let's all hope she's better at this than acting
You're an Uglier Betty and I wish you'd stop
I can tell you're a virgin 'cause you never came out on top

[Round 1: Gina Rodriguez]
Rob's body's so weird, he needs to get it in check
He goes to the gym just to work out his neck
Gronk's his nickname and we know what that means
It's the only sound he made until he was 16
My flow's so hot, the whole crowd's lovin' it
I spit fire, you look like the caveman who discovered it
This is not a revelation, I'm sure you heard it all
But check your manhood, 'cause I just deflated your balls

[Round 2: Rob Gronkowski]
Alright, alright, don't come at me Gina with this attitude
You play a virgin on TV, but tonight you're getting screwed
Truth is I'm not good at math; On the whole
What gets more viewers, the CW or Superbowl?
Don't hold back, Gina, show me whatcha got
You're an expert salsa dancer, but I'm makin' it hot
I'm so good at football and important to the game
I won the last Superbowl and didn't even play

[Round 2: Gina Rodriguez]
Gronk, you can barely even talk, you Tarzan, me Jane
Your success is impressive, you did it with no brain
He says he's never spent his salary 'cause he's thrifty
You're 27 years old, you don't look a day over 50
You're considered the game's best tight end
But look like you're endorsed by creatine and vape pens
You wrote a memoir as if people were really needing it
I got one question though: you ever plan on reading it?

[Gina Rodriguez]
No? I didn't think so. I don't believe it

[Beatboxer Joshua Silverstein]

[Rob Gronkowski]
I don't read my own sh*t. I just give out the knowledge. I just give out the knowledge, I don't read it. Yeah

[Gina Rodriguez]
Let's get all the knowledge, baby

[Round 3: Rob Gronkowski]
Gina, I'll let that verse slide
Are you even tall enough to handle this ride?
You have a strong chin, but not a strong will
Was there an AMBER Alert for your Lollipop Guild?
I played in the Superbowl, in fact, I've won twice
I'll retire after Superbowl 69, nice
And I'm always down to party, just tell me when
'Cause I'm on the dance floor, ladies, check out this tight end

[Round 3: Gina Rodriguez]
You have a glass jaw, I broke the glass ceiling
You'll end up on the bench again, injured by hurt feelings
You're such a douche, a descendant of Ed Hardy
Your version of yoga is keg stands at a frat party
I went to NYU in search for better knowledge
University of Arizona, that's barely a college
You won the Superbowl, but had teammates for help
I won a Golden Globe, pus*y, I did that sh*t myself

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