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Nathan you sure you know what you're talking about
Calling my real life content trash like
What you know about?
My cat's got more views than your whole account
Even though you drive that Mclaren Pdog
You actin' like minecraft still at the top
But it kinda flop
Kinda like when you hit us with that bop
Now we aiming for the top
Cause you know we out here, yeah
Roblox no no we never stop
Would never go back
To the block game what a shame
I'm just not out for the fame

Oh no you're the king of the vlogs what will I ever do
You're not David, you're not Logan, you're not Jake who are you?
I have the smallest chan in the house that's true
But when it comes down to views i always get more than you
Is that your girl, that's my merch you lose -Yikes-
My name's in your title, way to use
We know you just do it for all our views
Prestonplayz minecraft, we all knew
His flow was like a creeper, it really blew
Nate I'll be in your vlogs no more
Your mom calling you up at 4:44
Saying I like Charlie's diss track way more

Uh, wallets so fat, like it's on keto
Second diss track, call this the sequel
Said i had to move to Tex to make some friends
Yet the only thing I've made was your chan
All your virals dude man i really can't
Only bangers feature Poke, SeeDeng, Ant
So you call nicole a gold digger
Wait, I think she's a poke diger
Let me give all your fans a sneak peek
Quits MC, Roblox next week
Dissed me for leaving MC
Preston, Noboom did the same thing
Saying my real life vids did sour, mine get more views in 1 hour
Hope this diss track was content cause I just paid your Whole rent
One last verse from the guy who is disliked
I'll go up the mountain while you go take a hike
Ok yeah that was kinda rude
But my Cat ,Dude, has more views than you

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