(((O))) (Singer)
Soul Travelin’
I'm soul travelin travelin' travelin'
I'm soul travelin n' I don't even know it
Know it.. know it...

Travelin' sometimes the worst is what makes life - is golden
Travelin' battlin' world like I planned it in golden
Travelin', battlin' myself but most times I'm golden
Sometimes it be workin out like I need it
I say I don't know, but trust me I be knowin about it
I'm about it right now

I'll be soul travelin
And i dont even know it, no..
No I'm soul travelin' n'
I don't even know it

I don't even know it
Sometimes the best things aren't recorded
Sometimes the best things are not captured in the moment
Sometimes the best things are
Just right in front of yu
Yu don't need an excuse
To be on your phone like:
"who be right in front of me
I'm trying to connecting with
The intelligence yu hold on your own"
Bein in the moment, I travel all the time
It's a show. It's a stage
Yeah yu always gonna be watching behind
Your back, your back, your back, your back
Somebody's always watchin
And that's.. and that's okay
And that's okay

Watchin, yu watching yu
That means somebody always watching
You're watchin. you're watchin yourself
That means someone always be watchin
Your mind's that. your mind's from your universe
Yu always be watchin

Yu watchin yourself
That means somebody always watchin
You're watching yourself