(((O))) (Singer)
Come Home O’Shawn
Me –i have uh –
That's my idol; a fruit bearing tree
Because a fruit bearing tree serves god creator
By growing and by bearing fruits and by having shade

I would like to serve god creator like a tree
Because the tree never–never mind if it's black white red
Uh, yellow people if it's under its shade
And it's also – you know it's also if it has fruit
And if people try to destroy it
They still do not giving oxygen for humans even if they are mistreated

They are always giving, giving, giving

They don't mind if you're rich or you're poor
If you have one eye or one leg
If you look bad or you look good
They always serve you
So that's how– that's my idol
I would love this lifetime
This lifetime i would like to work on that
I would love to serve people, my own people
Like a tree