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Swang x4

I'm so heaven sent and my b*tch so magnificent (swang)
f*ck a wedding ring, drop 2k on my b*tch ring (swang)
Smokin' dank, I can't help it, I love dank (swang)
All these gold chains, feeling like I'm sonic man (swang)
Like I'm captain Falcon, f*cking punch you out your chain (swang)
One punch man, one punchline will end your name (swang)
Tryna run upon me, better not hesitate (swang)
Man, f*ck that b*tch, she acting boujee, [?] that b*tch like (swang)
I'm so fresh and clean, like some Listerine
Like, when she f*ck me in her dreams, that's a wet dream... (swang)
I just ate her bus, then I hit the sink (swang)
This n*ggas counterfeit, n*ggas fairy-tales (swang)
She don't know my name, but she gave me brain (swang)
Sippin' easter pink, I won't share my drink (swang)
n*gga I got aimin', I ain't talkin' (?) (swang)
b*tch I'm from the B, known from poppin' beans like... (swang)
Yeah you gotta come but my sh*t gotta [?] (swang)
Red dots on every n*gga in your team (swang)
Feel like Reek Money, the start is make believe (swang)
I am lying stoned, smokin' on that homegrown like... (swang)
All my iPhone full of hoes.. with no name
Ten Toes Down, in some Timberlands, like, [?], swang

Swang x6
n*ggas know my name
Swang x5
Pistola hoe, yeah
Swang x6
I kick in this hoe like...
Swang x5
I'm so stizzy hoe

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