Twisted Insane
The Infinity Watch
[Intro from The Shining: Shelley Duvall as Wendy Torrance and Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance]
Wendy Torrance: I think, maybe he should be taken to a doctor
Jack Torrance: You think "maybe" he should be taken to a doctor?
Wendy Torrance: Yes!
Jack Torrance: When do you think "maybe" he should be taken to a doctor?
Wendy Torrance: As soon as possible...?
Jack Torrance: (mockingly) As soon as possible! Yeah

[Verse 1: JakProgresso]
Yo, yo, cosmonaut adrift, weightless in dead space
Cloud seeding, barium trail all the skies like a jet chase
Subjects were showing less weight, I'm a Dreamland radiation headcase
Geomagnetic views, gravitatin' lead plates
Crowns of light were found floating near the test base
David Fletcher with the quill feather
Shades on politicians hide more reptiles than Mount Weather
This isn't sanctioned, I'm spitting like a bull with his balls tied
Kicking in anguish, the sacred spore is an alien mushroom that trip is a language
Tongue tied, facing the sunrise, chewing up fungi branch (Yeah)
And one sunshine tab, full lotus position under a bonsai branch
Polluted as header on access six hunter killer replica, each punch got a register
Smoke noise, 'til I can't register
Other rappers forced to drop sh*t I'm the enema
It's 'bout to get awkward, penants like Faulkner
Convicted stalker, no play, I'm all work
I'm at my shows looking like a crashed saucer
Handsome, duckin' into the cop car
Handcuffed I got no structure it's all tantrums
No personal connection to the last ones

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
My brain sicker, I'mma nap out while you pray to Jesus
Bless the sneezers watching you living your life and your blade increases
Cutting 'em all into pieces, spreaded the murder wrong while you gimme good reason
And nobody leaving, Ashley, Carl, Sarah, even Steven
Ain't nobody gettin' out my way, I will pull a heater, put a bullet in your face
You will get erased, don't nobody wanna see my face, when I come in, they be runnin' at the K
Pull a pistol out the waist, every time a n***a really wanna race
I'mma try to put 'em in they place, I don't wanna hear no breaks
I will put your little b*t*hes in a ditch real quick, no sh*t, just wait, brr
I deposit my secretions believe it, leave it, I scared it
And the b*t*hes speaking English and Reese's Pieces the p*n*s
When I sit up on the couch in my feces drinking Olde English
And beat up on my d**k 'til my sh*t is dripping and leaking!
But when nobody tame the beast and they take your mind off they leash
And sh*t my brain's on a different plane, I sustain your pain in my thesis
I'm riddled with diseases, I was standing in a Gucci sweater looking for a reason
Ain't nobody leaving, run up on a ma** and I promise I will never leave with ain't nobody breathing, brain!

[Interlude: Steve Buscemi as Garland Greene]
Now you're talking semantics. What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to p*ss off? Ending up in some retirement village, hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time. Wouldn't you consider that to be insane?

[Verse 3: Eligh]
I won't do what they want me to do
To them it seems insane to be a rebel to rules, I
I don't pursue what they want me to chase
To be the ultimate bull, in the eyes of the master
Be a genius and cool breeze, blind to the pa**ing winds and trends of a few pleas
I'm the last of the bra** bra** band blowing bad bone, banging with a positive cla**
On the lunchroom table, to them I'm acting in the ads
Acid rain I taste it on my tongue
Pa** the brains, I am the zombie with the ambiance and proper lung, capacity
Huffin' and puff away from layin' the pigs out
Knockin' the door down, running a 4.2x40 with the map out
You camping out, on my last route
Been there, done that, cashed out
Left the game alone, I let it be
Let it rest, been a wrong for that new game
Bittersweet to the tongue in the food chain
I'm the apex, need a cool chain
You're refereeing on the wrong court, on the field of battle playing Quidditch
B*t*hes looking at me like I'm on the wrong board
The numbers coming like a waterfall and I will make it rain, make 'em pay
Auditorium array, I've never been born catapulted that away
West Coast camaraderie, chemistry, and complicated Cabernet
Sippin', trippin' off the energy, I bring the melody, I bring the synergy
Sad to say, so many suckers are sucking a matinee PG-13 stylewise
Wild style my tie, I am not my side, brought to the light, Gandalf rotates this mastermind
[Outro: Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey & Gandalf the White & John Rhys-Davies as Gimli]
Gandalf the Grey: Gandalf the Grey, that was my name
Gimli: Gandalf!
Gandalf the White: I am Gandalf the White, and I come back to you now, at the turn of the time