Twisted Insane
First Verse:
I've been known for killin' and murdering always
Kill em when I serve em and burn em in all ways
If they wanna test I be givin' em all A's
I will put you up in a ditch and your bitch will dig all day
Fill em full of sickopotumous I recall it
They find the body its highly obvious ain't no stoppin this
When im poppin this n***as droppin and I ain't makin no promises
But I be all up in em like a was a genachologist
The lyrical fiend
Jumpin up over them n***as and puttin their bodies up in the river
Cause they dont wanna worship a monster
Not done til I conquer
Im taking they head off whenever they wanna run up and get they brain split bizzankers
In the nighttime Im puttin in work
Everyone lookin at me cus I be puttin em in the dirt
Hackin away at the feet stabbin the dinner until it hurt
All hail insane or you will get merked
N***as talk wack and they take a cat nap
One false move and you hearin the blap blap
You never know when n***as is comin to klack klack
Thats why I keep a strap in my ghostbusters backpack
Fuck with me then any time any city it dont matter
You gon have to fuck with my friends
The b r a I n siaiaick go ahead and trip watch them lil homies go in
16 years old got the brainsick tatted on my arms like yes
Then 10 years later I was lookin at my face in the mirror thinkin im the best
Fuck all the rest, fuck they in my beat and put in the dark...
Lyrics taken from ILikeMusic1980 comment's on youtube with a few changes