Twisted Insane
Brainsick 2.0
[Chorus: Maserati Maeson]
Brainsick (x3)
Brainsick Brainsick Brainsick Muzik (x2)

[Verse 1: Charles Xavier aka Charlie Ray aka C.Ray]
Welcome all to the cerebellum celebration
Top of the chain of food a couple of zany dudes
Whoever they blazing through the vegetation
Stop complaining you cannot contain em
Maneuver the block got payment, fuck an invitation
Kickin' hinges in, I go and get the pen and slip the venom in yo medication
Kept 'em waiting
But not for long, drop the bomb shit and fuck yo Soccer mom, Quick in VIP but see, believe me, none of my n***as furtive you we just feed em proper long dick
Given a bit and watch her start to catch the feelings
Simple arithmetic, you aughta' respect the villain
Give me a different bitch that I can't forget in a minute but I'ma forget her anyway if that shit ain't. (BRAIN,BRAINSICK)
That's who it is
New Strange with our backs to the wind
New bane kill the bat no revenge
New flame in the sack for my friends
Do blaze give it back, go again
Few days on yo back for my kin
Pain like a n***a back from the gym. (BRAIN)
You ain't doing shit but sittin' (down with)
You lucky cause the way you catching heat that you could bet it's me in from the Pitcher's mound
Throw the quick and stop and make an example of these little handful of rappers that remain
You can blame Insane, he went and got the illest hydrofunction
Now nobody fucking with it if it ain't
[Chorus: Maserati Maeson]
Brainsick (x3)
Brainsick Brainsick Brainsick Muzik (x2)

[Verse 2: King ISO]
Why do must some of them n***as who jump when they wanna go see
Drippin' a 9 millimeter and n***a I fill it with heat
N***as you wouldn't believe the way that they murder a n***a
They put em inside of a box in the back of they Chevy Caprice
N***a whats up with the beef
Women they fuckin' with me
Making a couple of kids when they be fuckin' a bitch
Givin' the women the dick and they lovin' it, really they suckin' and suckin' it, that's your ho, she is slut of the week
Brain, brain when a n***a blast guns
Brain, brain a n***a wish I had one
Give her lobotomy when they be riding this n***a
Everything I do is sicker than the last one
How the fuck is all you out of bucks?
N***as hot as fuck when you ain't never smashed nothin'
I be fuckin hella hoes n***a never know your new bitch could be my last one
Bangin' a pistol like my name was Pistol Pete
In the ville like Nash no Tennessee
Even in November I go trick or treat
Knocking then I smoke 'em like a swisher sweet
Who as sick as we, in the industry
Ain't nobody fucking with our infantry
Murder everybody give the mission peace
Oakland n***a bitch, make 'em send a tweet
Brainsick, I know you feeling this shit
Micheal Vick, flow I'm killing this bitch
N***as ain't believe me, now they prolly see me tryna' fuck with me jumpin' and shit
Packing a pistol grip and I ain't goin' let it
N***as faker than a rhinestone bet it
Ain't nobody in the game wanna see the brain n***a tell 'em ISO said it
[Chorus: Maserati Maeson]
Brainsick (x3)
Brainsick Brainsick Brainsick Muzik (x2)

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
I kill 'em whenever they want the heat on 'em
So many people I will teach you over the rail and beat you grabbin' a bitch and skeet on 'em
Want to be off on a member they want to be optimistic
Got two bitches one for me and one for you
Ready to switch and get in a different shit it's been about time just fightin' us with the bullshit under you
Tell her I just wish it could've been
The n***a that spreadin' the semen on your chin
Then properly take it and rub it up on your skin
Sicker than putting the time to turn it on again
Who wanna go mano a mano, a Tony Soprano, I hit 'em with syllable rippin' a n***a a brand new asshole
They go wolf but [?] and say all they want, I murder a n***a, this shit is hotter than Tabasco (BRAIN)
Brain Brain
I'm coming to eat yo muthafucking brain
I hope you choke on a chicken bone, chocolate milk, chichas, and some J's
Summon a demon and want me to pick up the piece and let me off the leash and I ain't got no kinda sense
I run up on n***as with diesel type of trucks and tearin' bitches up and hangin' em over the wire fence

[Chorus: Maserati Maeson]
Brainsick (x3)
Brainsick Brainsick Brainsick Muzik (x2)
[Verse 4: Kamikazi]
I'm the little voice inside yo brain
Been one of the best well that's venom I cannot contain
Sick as centipede and so as I refrain
Sever the poison I consider him off the chain
Gobble 'em up, I puff a blunt until I'm numb I payed these haters no attention, givin 'em none
You can see I'm by my lonely, homies swarm me, bring an army you will never see the sun (BRAIN)
Brainsick, now I'm not the same shit you would listen to is basic Yada yada, rappin' bull for bush and see that penmanship we grip as innovation
In the darkness reach in for the light I go to my [?] room but I will survive
My pursuance movin' what I'mma do when I conclude the voodoo, I can do this in the mind
I'm choppin' the rhythm, I kill 'em, I fill 'em up with that venom, sick of the sticks of a villa but I'mma hit 'em up with that weapon
Vengeful devil low for the mental levels, all my enemies better be off of my momentum
And I'mma [?] [is why I ?] suffer the consequences thinking that maybe I will suffer the opposites
When I'm runnin' for comin' opponents on the mic, control 'em, hold 'em up it's sick-opotamus
Y'all don't wanna listen to me, fine, talk
I'm a lethal weapon intertwined in with the instrumental till the done line, [boss ?]
Give me a minute, the weather [?] I can climb a mountain suffer the elements if I am surrounded
Pick up the sword before the war [?] rippin' em up enough, the judgment is too cloudy

[Chorus: Maserati Maeson]
Brainsick (x3)
Brainsick Brainsick Brainsick Muzik (x2)

[Verse 5: Dikulz (Of Firing Squad)]
Shouts out to the brainiacs gettin' sick in the buildin'
Makin' a killin' off the independent music that we makin', why? cause our brains are peelin'
[?] while the maniac [?] half of the nation that the sicken, just a [?] Time to put the gauge to your face and they paint the ceilin' with your fuckin uh...
Yea, I'm lovin the fact that we can never be defeated
See the sweetness leave us squeamish, we elitists, leave these leeches eatin' pieces out the helix
Since a fetus, I been genius, I been stickin' my penis in this game
She a bitch, once she get it, she just need it fiendin' for us so we feed her this (BRAIN)
Huh, it's the brain train, choo choo
Mayday, better shoo shoo and make way, when we move through
Doin' voodoo, yea you'll die and i'm rippin' your mental up like 2 ply
When the noose tie, watch your shoes fly, in result of when I use my (BRAIN!)
Brain, killin' the game, ain't got no competition
Droppin' bombs on the opposition
Goin' against the grain with the brain to distract the system
Yea we rock the mass and we got the gas and they copycats are contradiction
Let 'em watch it, mimic, copy, gimmick
Only one cat got the sickest, it's the brain! (BRAIN!)

[Chorus: Maserati Maeson]
Brainsick (x3)
Brainsick Brainsick Brainsick Muzik (x2)

[Verse 6: Z(Of Firing Squad)]
Murder with a mic of a syllable lyrical rhythm I take em all
Wait a minute the mic is on
I could tongue wrestle with a python
Some of them cyclones in my mind gone
You're like my song
Gon' make you bite on suicide bombs until your life gone
Take a parson to a pipe bomb
And say goodbye mom the step of life gone
Murder with the pen burning through the skin
Chopping motherfuckers up into vegetables
Thought you would begin with the brains that hit the skin
With a razor shit we chop impeccable
If your compassionnel but don't say shit
Just let the blood drip to the pavement
Just needed a fucked up mind to go play with
And tell the world that i'm fucking brainsick
Doing it with the wrong but the ruth's i can't slaughter
Dumping it with the pump for the babies to the father
Brainsick in momentum with a psycho with a pencil
But i'm salivating therefore I don't think I can be bothered
Chopping it with my dynamite finna get my son
Soon if i get a print out wonder what that would have to do with god
Publicated chopper with a drive for seeing a doctor
We don't fuck around so I could fucking make it fun