Twisted Insane
The Thing Psypher 2
[Verse 1: KD The Stranger]
В сети попали вы, Но я владею сетями, как Прохоров. Я кладу биты на лопатки В деревянное ложе - похороны. Я - тот тип индивида, кого не хотели бы родители видеть около детей своих. Мерзкий тип, словно бес проник. Именно потому теперь готов на "нет" сводить я всех МС. В глазах больше невинности, чем у нескольких девственниц. И я лелею, тех кто подобно Галилею погибали за идею. Словами рисую картины, что висели у самого Люцифера в галерее. I'm sick in the brain. Twisted Insane and KD the Stranger we're killin' the game! Не из вашего стада с колен поднялся в итоге. Ты - словно карлик-оратор, чтобы ты ни говорил -мне похуй. Эти куплеты - мясо, не рекомендованы вегетарианцам. Ты, видимо, ошибся номером и ты не знаешь с кем связался. Спина отполирована взглядами недоброжелателей, Но они, как оставшиеся дни, Одно удовольствие проживать их мне

[Verse 2:Twisted Insane]
I murder in the night with ease
Hit em in the back of the chevy and then i proceed to my next mission
Everyone lookin' at me like I'm Richard
I'm lookin' at them so stop your bitchin' ,calling me weird yes I'm a weirdo
And you can find me in the dark chewin' earlobes twisted up on that alcohol, feelin' so faded I can't even walk but here goes nothing
Slice in the middle of the night when you get a razor blade
I told everyone "if I don't get you back some day well, shit today's the day"
Me, KD with the AK on the front seat
Two straps in the back pack for a lunch meat
One axe in the back seat with a blackie
Go ahead and leap if u feelin jumpy
Everyone know what im gonna do when i get you in a predicament
Put em into a box and bury 'em half alive and cut off his leg-a-mints
And i cannot help that you are so normal and that i am so different
I could be cool and say that shit was in school fuck it I'm ignorant
Give him a seat then i get to hackin' his feet
What you think u gonna rest for a week
Motherfucker u ain't never gonna sleep
I could be (?) of the week, not before u was feelin the heat
I can take you in the basement and make you in pieces and then ima fuckin eat

[Verse 3: Stabes]
I tape your mouth shut
It's time for you to stop your braggin'
My flow is mild, spittin' fire like an evil dragon
These other rappers are lacking, first to join the bandwagon
Dope flow and lyrical flow where your punks are lackin'
I put some white up in the pipe and said let get it crackin'
[?] gettin' a cheque, then back to Manhattan
This ain't your normal rappin', now it's time to pay the piper
Spittin' fire like a Hydra in another cypher
It's time to creep up in the night and put the knife inside you
I'm like a lion, all these other pussies turn to tigers
I rip rhymes [?crew pipes?] from better life
Thinkin' twice might be the choice that will save your life
Never give a fuck for what you did whats wrong it was [?right]
Think of it twice with a rifle and a laser sight
Give me a pen and a lab i can show you how to write

[Verse 4: Torchur]

Underground chopper aim to please strains, spread like disease
Competition make the freeze prove wrong, and most agree
Hustlers never strive to work harder
[Crispy record?] these gravities
Keep these men sayin' "Stoder keep on sellin' these CD's"
A little deranged, or just rage, how blood my temper risin'
Brain history turn the page, got these rappers despise, leave these elders surprisin', like they never expected
Too many fakes disguisin'
Expose head, get collecting
Followers listen to me, freeze tracks, got their fans infected
I'm seein' all my vocals reach music no one suspected
Campaign make it rain to Ukraine
[?] tappin'
I'll beat foes into confession
Do it when i'm rappin about
Can't control my aggression
This needs to be my profession, always leave an impression, every verse makin' progession, winnin' is my obsession
[Verse 5: Bukz Bundy]


[Hook/Chorus: Jen K]

I'm the thing that your momma's talkin' about
But she said you should stand clear
I'm the thing that walks in the room, and everybody stops to stare
I'm the thing you want, I'm the thing you need
And I'm nothing that's in between
Here's my card gimme a call
And I'll show you how I do my thing
I'm the thing

[Verse 6: Systematik]

Tune in to see me just servin em pain like tsunamis tornados and hurr-i-canes Further my name while I murder your game I'm assuring you all I'm a little bit strange Sink in my fangs and I'm eatin her face Maybe leave a survivor to tell em my name But I step in the field and I level the plane cause I'm out here on business I'm not here to play They wonderin why I been swingin this axe while a two twenty three is attached to my back The blood and the gore...... man I'm in it for that A little bit different you bitches can't rap Like a fully automatik when I get up on a track You don't wanna get it when I give it to you slippin through the crowd and stick a blade up in your back. Doing it to all of you and watchin you collapse. Still try to figure out which one is worse Matik on a battle field or Matik on a verse Either way I spit it with a fifty round burst and I burst into flames when I step in a church Every single time I get the microphone it's psycho dumb it's like I'm numb lyrically a motherfucking fire bomb Fire in the timing of psycho in a Cybertronic hyperbaulic chamber if you anger me I get demonic SPIT FROM A SICK DOME WIT CANCEROUS SYMP-TOMS YOURE NOTHING BUT TARGET PRACTICE FOR MATIK TO PISS ON look all around you at all that surrounds you at all of these fools that be trying to get pre-pared Monster in the dark with a hole in my heart When you see me in the shadows game over. Better get scared

[Verse 7: Goofy]
Hit em in the brain
Fuckin with the same team
Never hear about a n***a like me
Gotta find me, better than the liking
All of my greed, ?i'm gonna start a raid?
Do this [?], facial features
Until i [?] is feasting on human souls today
Nobody I know cannot stand the pain
Livin day to day, everybody wanna know the name
I throw the rest of the cash away
Do the same thing i told em "threw the cash away"
God damn tryna fuck with my killas man
Turn a n***a into fried ribs man
And theres tons of brains
This must mean you're ready to endure the rain
Motherfuck can you feel the flames?
(???) well i wouldn't count the cash
(???) will someone be the wickedest and turn up in the room
(???) here they come, I'm dangerous now and gettin a cheque
Yeah, I'm puttin the payment down, ready for doom, step in the room, cut you to pieces, the demons are wrath
Smellin like booze, with nothin to lose, keep on killin for somethin to do
I hope this hocus pocus is i'm tryin to focus
Just I be the dopest, my name is the Goof, I'm comin to shoo
(Anybody lookin at me with a shotgun with his eyes closed)
Cut em into a baby's junk, then turn em into shark food, throw em in a shark pool
[Verse 8: Frozolid]
I am Frozolid
I am a 16 year old artist, comin' straight outta South Dakota
Little country state is where it all started
No [?spank?]
I did this shit on my own, with a little bit of help from static
Jacked then i signed over to him then i departed from him
And then I killed shit, real quick
Do you feel this?, I was signed at 12
Just a preteen outta hell
Big shot, got recorded me at 14, at 15 I had no record deal left the label for an independent seal
Now I'm 16, killin' shit with Twisted Insane, D-Loc and KD the Ukraine king, guillotine
Fuck me, you will find yourself 16 feet deep, beneath my feet, I am not a creep, wet rappers drink my skeet

[Verse 9: Jester]

Yes I am that thing that festers deep inside your sic-he
I be wrappin' your brain in chains, i'm your vice, it excites me
But if you would ever let me out and count your blessings that you have, then swarms of locusts would seek out your blood as deep as dark as blackest magic
Were followin my striding genocide is automatic, but since I'm so confined, I'm just being problematic
I am fear, I am hatred, I am death and despair, now why don't you let me out for a breath of fresh air

[Verse 10: Serious Mak]

Speedin' it up quickness be the witness
With a little bit of [?] im killin the feelin
I'm someone, i'm gonna go million miles a minute, i'm drillin it
I [?] gotta kill and [?]
[?] click click boom, i'm in the bomb, usually i'm not one to be cocky
But [?]​ there's no one to stop me
I'll rip it me, you'd better get ready for war
Like i'm a [?]​ in the gore
[?] guts and gore, see what they have in store

[Hook/Chorus: Jen K]

I'm the thing that your momma's talkin' about
But she said you should stand clear
I'm the thing that walks in the room, and everybody stops to stare
I'm the thing you want, I'm the thing you need
And I'm nothing that's in between
Here's my card gimme a call
And I'll show you how I do my thing
I'm the thing

[Verse 11: Big relik]

I'm going to get inside your dreams and turn them into nightmares
Till the dead, by leavin' you right there
I shock and I scare, fuck the [?] and the death stare, don't act like I might care
Blow [?] and i'm right there [?]
I'm killin' it, and I'm killin' the industry, I'm killology a be
I'm a bum, in the shed, I'm a book, that's misread, I'm hella fucked in the head
I got the teeth of a shark, quick rip, get bit, it's a good way to start, but it ends when we rippin' bodies apart, then we put em in a
No room for slackin', [?] double by-pass, and I'm a devil who's blastin'
Cranium crunch, and then I'll have it for lunch, then I'll keep laughin'
We laughin' (Hahahahaha)
[?] passion, and then a gun to make a motherfucker cracking this underground scene like dust of eskie

[Verse 12: Tung Tied Tazer]

This is my dark side, I'm comin' to math mind
I'm comin' to take em off of the top, cause this is on my mask side
This is your last ride, I'm here to blast rhymes
I'm here with KD the Stranger upon the devils side
Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hide
Can you look me up in the eyes?, I got a lot of anger issues, constantly got shit on me mind
I wish i could just stop or pause and just step back in time
Just start raise up my fines, [?] rhyme
They said it was a [?] different side, that's because when i was 10 i fuckin' lost my mind
I was gettin pushed and kicked and bashed and I was left behind
Until I stood up and hold my own and then rhymed, but then i started feelin [?green?]
But that's behind the scenes, i learned the hard way by trusting friends who turned into fiends
No i don't trust this solem planet [?] wake
Now i got my girl, i've got my dogs and I've got my job to keep

[Verse 13: Wake n Bake]

Suddenly I have a fine, fuck the police, no peace of mind
Killin' every there hate my mind, menacing monster make it shine
Fuck the right in time, don't see me?, you must be blind
Straight to the front no waitin in line, pay my dues and slayin' rights
You don't wanna get it, it's dark like a sub terrainian
A fuckin' super villain that's spittin' Lithuanian
Got a call from this Ukrainian, KD just put me up said "I got an open verse, If you want up on this song"
I thought about it for a second, decided i had to wreck it, decided a fuckin' riot, defient on every sentence, a client with every session
I'm teachin' you not to stress it, just admit your BrainSick, and that your vicious, and did i mention?, steppin' into the game cause I'll do what ever it takes, I've been wreckin' 'em in the name of a land of a thousand lakes, now I'm spittin' with some veterans, evidently amazed, and I told you it would happen quick, lookin' at me strange

[Verse 14: Kurt Kain]

Mathematics and chemicals, engineerin' these syllables
[?] my pinnacle, they speakin' this is subliminal
[?] dinner roles, I smash mics that be miserable, it's pitiful
Crush the cerebral forces, it's trifical
I do this shit with ease, synonoms [?] queeze
Spittin' with [?] energy, feelin' me my energy
Flow through the [?] human be presumably, the mutiny
Contact by aliens, dude discrutanty usually means
We soon to be abusin' these microphones, and doomin' these digital soundwaves, and payin these groundwaves, indubitably, intuit-ably
Lyrical ingenuity, consumin' me, soon to be unity, the head is spinnin' like a boomaty
I'm flyin' back like a boomerang, long dead, been in the game since '93, to infinity
Kurt Kain statin' my claim, I'm like the coke in your vains, adrenaline rushin or percussion
Brain waves, and the frequencies combustin'

[Verse 15: Bizzerko]

I'm officially the wicked that clip you and put the pop verse
Bet you like to fish with straight liquor with fuckin' last verse
Bitch, you'd watch words, don't disrespect us, these fell-ans of fuckin'
Legends are ready for Armageddon
Better than all you veterans, fuckin' up this rap name
Simple minded bombers are climbin' up through this rap game
Your fuckin' tracks lame, y'all need to step back, we spit so sick and we're wicked and quick with the best raps
Just a set back, bitch another obstacle, y'all 'bout to witness this kid do the impossible, unstoppable cum from these ballsacks
Rip em up and give em a little something we call blacks
Wheres your heart at?, bitch ain't you tired of frontin"?
My fuckin clique is ridiculous, now they're sayin' nothin'
So try frontin' me, you're caught up in this war, by the lyrical Assassin, attackin' with just my poor sight

[Hook/Chorus: Jen K]

I'm the thing that your momma's talkin' about
But she said you should stand clear
I'm the thing that walks in the room, and everybody stops to stare
I'm the thing you want, I'm the thing you need
And I'm nothing that's in between
Here's my card gimme a call
And I'll show you how I do my thing
I'm the thing