Twisted Insane
The Thing Psypher 1
[Verse 1: KD The Stranger]
В сети попали вы, Но я владею сетями, как Прохоров. Я кладу биты на лопатки В деревянное ложе - похороны. Я - тот тип индивида, кого не хотели бы родители видеть около детей своих. Мерзкий тип, словно бес проник. Именно потому теперь готов на "нет" сводить я всех МС. В глазах больше невинности, чем у нескольких девственниц. И я лелею, тех кто подобно Галилею погибали за идею. Словами рисую картины, что висели у самого Люцифера в галерее. I'm sick in the brain. Twisted Insane and KD the Stranger we're killin' the game! Не из вашего стада с колен поднялся в итоге. Ты - словно карлик-оратор, чтобы ты ни говорил -мне похуй. Эти куплеты - мясо, не рекомендованы вегетарианцам. Ты, видимо, ошибся номером и ты не знаешь с кем связался. Спина отполирована взглядами недоброжелателей, Но они, как оставшиеся дни, Одно удовольствие проживать их мне

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I murder in the middle of the night with ease
Hit em in the back of the chevy and then i proceed to my next mission
Everyone lookin' at me like I'm Richard
Im lookin at them so stop your bitchin ,calling me weird yes i'm a weirdo
And you can find me in the twisted and loaded up on alcohol, can’t even walk, here goes nothing
Slice in the middle of the night when you get a razor blade
I told everyone "well if I don't get you back, well shit today's the day"
Me, KD with the AK on the front seat
Two straps in the back pack for a lunch meat
One axe in the back seat with a blackie
Go ahead and leave if u feelin jumpy
Everyone know what im gonna do when i get you in a predicament
Put ‘em into a box and bury 'em half alive, and cut off his leg-a-mints
And I cannot help that you are so normal and that I am so different
I could be cool and say that shit was in school fuck it im ignorant
Give him a seat and then i get to hackin his feet
What you think u gonna rest for a week
Motherfucker u ain't never gonna sleep
[??] not before u was feelin the heat
I can take you in rest and the catch you up and make you in pieces and then ima fuckin eat

Verse 3[:Loc Saint]
Now hold up a second im lookin to wreckers
And shake it come at your brain, yea, I’ll really get you in the mainland, [?] lookin right behind me
Hell down, hell bound, hell hounds right behind me
Suckers and wreckers were shining
Fears bumpin' up in the never pull the [?] now cuz im daily grindin' still drippin the moment of [?] tear em in the middle of [?]
Keepin it simple cuz we S-U to the P-E-R to the N-A-T-U-R-A to the L [?????]
Hes expressed to go back to the test[???]
Rebound is around us KD The Stranger's Mob, Twisted Insane, Locsaint spitting the monster stuff
Verse 4[:Blezo 1 Tyme]
Leave em in the middle of the night
Game will be ready to fight
When it comes to the killer with a chainsaw, take the chain off, (and strangle you with it)
I get you equipped with the lyrics and love em when you hear it
And the beer and the beer, like a gym that will, destroy your dreams… then I unload the thing… and poacher screams… but I, [?and vote the deeds?]
That im supposed to bleed
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was makin' them all believe, that, he didn't even exist
When i put them all in a, fiends, and the fiends, and a bee, when i get em all in the bottom of a tree, and better get the beast, no retards…
Does anyone beleive in the love of lobotomies, [?] the colony wishin' that he just
Disappeared, reappeared, it is near and the fear, it is clear, over here, in the mirror, enemy here, the devil is lookin right back at the us, [?] smear the demons, with possessions and that possession is with… BLEZO 1 TYME!!

Verse 5:[Bibster]
Yell back in the backpack, put the bomb in the bottom of the knapsack, don’t back down, back kill em with the straw back, kill the motherfucker and leave em in a blood splat, who’s here? (I’m here!)
Scare them with the bomb scare, here the clock tick blow they won’t care
Kill them quicker in a corner with a swift tack
Won’t give a fuck about the devil won’t last , I’m the [?devil?]
[?] hit her with the get blast
Hit the motherfucker [?] with a chrome bed, you will never get down (Clock tick time)
Dark room, cold night in the cold mist
Leave her in the [?] damn rip, grabbin up the [?]
Go back home, so dope with a dead bitch
Jump back in with a match lit and light em up in flames when the flames lit
I’m a fucking type of [?] in the, (Yea!)
Welcome to the [?] with style, and with body parts, so i leave em in the dark, then to the next victim
Blood in your mouth that’s in your system
([?] comin with a [?] bottom of the [?] kill em with a machete [?] then i’ll hit you with a [?] hit you like a motherfucker, [?] bang the thing, then hit em with a ,Bang bang bang bang, Bang bang bang bang, Yea!)
Verse 6[:T.H.C (The HeadChopper)]
Whatever come in the ritual mind of a criminal
Mystikal lyrical visual given to you subliminal syllable
Set the retime that i write im livin and screamin and running to fight i even like to the pipe when i strike, or i might throw niko into a crate in the middle of the night, so shocking and topping when im dropping them bodies in coffins [?]
Recommendation, qualification dealing with what like a sortification
Im bringing the kind of attention they have been waiting since ive the beginning
Annihilation, decapitation, im shakin the pedal and they crackin the pavement
I got them all ready formy detonation at that special occasion my season at sale
Gotta complete the mission i made my decision to stayin for such a struggle for percision the timers the reason now dont mind the vision i give you permission and get what you wishin
Everything that you want and everything that you need a litter bit murder and weed and everything in between
Dont care what you believe im just being me underground livin we keepin it real

Verse 7:[Crossover]
Givin me this industry drastic an enemy is ropeless, I’m goin' to infinity the star land just like Joseph
Control the world like moses when im speaking to the masses
Yeah i wrote the book on pain in this library full of madness
So takin foul shots so lookin freak and watch out this thing ain’t gonna be i stay above my evil kinevil its legal never seen through
Now yeah boy im nice to meet you now let me treat you
I never let nobody beat you even the death is ready to meet you
I let it crusadin im rappin at ten mental [?] my name is [?] like Gandalf
I’m livin' life like everyday is my last
Im an escort who like to finish last but im ocean first so i must be an ass
You never change, i’m twisted and insane, see Crossover and Stranger, we bringing the pain
Im not a gimmick im different im never high im just lifted
Gifted up I’ll rip it a minus sign to make it a difference bitches
Verse 8:[Juztin Sane]
Juztin Sane its fucking strange face cuz im different
Lookin the game changer bringing the pain with all of my instruments
You loving the fact that im into this
Im setting it all to begin the twist
All of my morbid my fantasies hurt beside i blow for my wickedest
So picture this im about to get all up in your mind
You can call the weight by the way i be forcin the sum up i decide
Im twistin this like a contortion
The lot of them bother about our forces
Tie you up [??] remaining inside of my fortress
You be the homie im loving you mad
Ill be the homie that fall for your mask
Out of my back up in the brack out of your body im over your cast
Im making the trophy those who be thinking bout bringing the police cuz the players are killin you slowly are possibly very eroding
Im lovin the fact that they gotta be all in your brain like a fucking lobotomy they ain’t the top of it cuz ima be all in your face and lovin your property
Here are the fangs, Twisted Insane, KD the Stranger sick in the brain
I bet C-Mob is feeling the same we can actually killin the game

Verse 9[D.U.B(Misfit Mike & M.C-lean)]
What did you wanted to see when you were lookin at me
You were just tryin to be something as sick as the misfit in my KD
And then it’s the M.C-Lean, when I be getting my chance to be sing, i be comin' up out of the crowd, you’d better be gettin' ready to feel the wrath of being me
And then the boys of his, subliminally bringin' the fear, wish you didn't know this, shit in you better be believe in wickeds to hear this, hear this
Nobody is a witness, lookin' twisted like a business
All of you know what it’s gotta be feelin' you wishin' we did give out a submission
Slashin' the bitches, we leavin' with stitches
We leavin' all with the so love em, forgiveness, we killin' the whatever they deal us
I don’t give a fuck about none of your feelings (Hell no!)
How many times do i gotta be tellin' you i can’t get ready for anything, i don’t take enemies lightly, i’m rippin' this shit so much that it’s frightening
So this is the way that the misfits are slayin' the game all you playin' you know im the king of it, it is now time for my sinister mind it is time to combust and create a new element
With the all the other things that your wreckin, I cannot be dumb, while we in at the [?] with the I’m tellin' the truth and now it’s Australia with KD the stranger

Verse 10:[NewBeezy]
It’s hard to understand, so don’t stand over
Give me 12 bars, and I'ma take over, life time pawn, never stay sober, you could bangkok, sick of hangover
Nah, nah, nah I’m not this, comin' off the top, and of the same click
Brain, Brain, brain for the misses, my flows kind of strange and rhymin' for the sins
Put me on strange, so ominous answers, so unique that those proms are endin', I’m so damn sweet that a teen need an ass
I’m so hungry, beats for dinner, gotta feed a motherfucking beast for dinner
Just that dude from West Virginia, comin at your bitch like a hot [?pursuer?]
Sit her like the girl, that forgot your sister
No one like him, a doppelganger, but i make it rain as a dopple stranger
Momma said don’t talk to strangers, i got that flow from an aqua famer, I make that dough while macarena, no macarena, just another little thing from NewBeezy and kD that Ukrainian Stranger

Verse 11:[Chokehold]
Now it’s Chokehold who’s ready to attack, I spit' with KD, I’m just a little black
Thinks through the [?] with a gas match with the blood of a ninja [?]
I’m comin' up hungry, haven’t even ate, If you got what I want , then I’ll take it off your plate, ‘fore you run around you’d better come complain
If it’s worth gettin killed, then I’m sick in the brain
Revenge is a dish I’m servin it cold to you
Better watch your mouth, or you get a chokehold
Told this motherfucker im the new best kid on the block, then spray bullets in his chest
Don’t be a bitch, bitches get hit, dismember a little fact, [?] i spit
Soakin in your guts, blood all over the kitchen, you get what you get for a bitch lookin’ shit
The doctor says I’m crazy and i need to get a grip, there I do this hip-hop shit, and i give em just a tip
Thought the Russian rappers gone man, I can’t stand it
Now I’m askin' for respect motherfucker, I Demand it
I’m a cold motherfucker with a smile on his face, drownin' in blood, let alone leave a trace, pain is overwhelming
Got you stuck in time and space
I’d crush the world around you and kill everything you love, while you crying on your knees praying to your god above

Verse 12:[Jay The Ripper]
I am the evilest reason the demons don’t step in the dark alleys
I am from the northwest, give a fuck less when you think about me
So livin sick in the brain, hand me a knife ‘cause Twisted Insane
Me and KD The Stranger, you know we stranger than strange
Jay The Ripper, I’m playin’ like jack tripper, fillet ‘em like Jack Ripper
I'ma get em in the night when I slip and i slice em and go dark
Sick as fuck, and see the story untold
From poverty see the fuckin story unfold
It’s Jay The Ripper, I’m comin’ with that reason that you doubting, and the reason that your under rested maybe then without doutin
That feelin that you get
Feelin' like you can’t do shit
I’ll seek out the solution up and atom, more clips than you can count
Count them all, count the bodies hit the floor, count the sheep, counterize the flows while you lay their ass to sleep
White chapel murderers, ripperology, then slip back into the shadows, the shadow that swallows me

[Verse 13:Nate Flowsalot]
Somethin’s on my mind, now listen
Lately I’ve been pissed
And it's all because some motherfuckers tryin' to stop my mission
Got me hopin and wishin', then I’ll come back around, cause if they do go another round, with no fucks given' by these [?] n***a
Kill, kill, kill
That’s how I’m feelin' now
I’m so for real, I’m so underground
And you’ll get chills when you hear this sound
That’s not a pleasant thing, when a peasants negativity
What goes around, comes around like a boomerang
You gonna run around when the chops the pain
I’m rippin my city, We’re so insane
If you say your king, we’ll end your reign
Bang, bang, Choo, choo train, Marijuana smoked your fuckin brain
Lyrically dope, my flows cocaine
You might overdose, with one little brain
Ooh, man, im the man, she poppin' it like a rubber band
You dont really wanna fuck wit' me boy, ‘cause im cockin’ it and im and pullin' my hair
Please tell me that, can you comprehend?, ‘cause i dont think that you understand
I’m the wolf in the night, and i’ll take your life
I got a mean, vicious bite, without a tech, I eat enemies just like a snack, and you will get dropped right where you stand
I the demon in the night, with a mean vicious sight
If you fuck with me i’ll cut off your head