Twisted Insane
My Counseling Session 2
When they say “Why do you burn down the community? Why do you burn down your own neighborhood?” It’s not ours! We don’t own anything! We don’t own anything!

They say that music is a channel to every person's soul. It is a key to mine. I take the things that happen in my life and I put them in my music. Who needs therapy when you have... music? This is my counseling session

[Verse 1]
I ain't got no money for the rent
And all the shit is spent, I'm lookin' with a wallet kinda dent
?saw one? the bottle when I got it, when I think about it
Should'a never bought it but I'm bottomin' again
Been a couple years since I was sleepin' on a bench, man
I get it, I'ma quit it, homie, gimme couple weeks
This gon' be my last one, after this I promise I'ma
Put the bottle down and I'ma get back on my feet
Shit, it really hits you when you swimmin' in the deep
I was always thinkin' how the fuck I'm finna eat
I ain't got no money like a dummy, what you takin' from me?
Every day I'm hungry, lookin' bummy in the street
Pathetic, I ain't even got no resin in the piece
I ain't got a penny but I'm try'na be the best
Ain't nobody even listen to me, it's a boom before the
New me and I get it man, I really look a mess
People tellin' me I need to get a rest
If you need to cry me you can find me in the west
And they ain't gotta love it but they give me their respects
Like you jumpin' off a cliff face first with no net
This real shit
Hold up, man, I think I really feel sick
Maybe it's Corona, that's a lot for me to deal with
Though it's kinda itchy, no I do not even feel shit
Never had a temperature so maybe just the pill hit
First I got evicted, now I gotta fight the 'rona
The way this shit is goin', fuck, I might now be a goner
I drink until I'm faded and I black out till the mornin'
I missed an interview 'cause I was doin' what I wanna
And I ain't never asked why don't nobody hit me up
And ask me if I'm doin' alright
I could be then dropped dead, won't nobody know it
Told my therapist to roll it, it's gon' be a long night
My Counseling Session
2020 got me like motherfuck this world
Sorry, not sorry, motherfuck this Earth

There's a social contract that we all have — that if you steal or if I steal, then the person who is the authority comes in and they fix the situation. But the person who fixes the situation is killing us! (Fuck this world!) So the social contract is broken. And if the social contract is broken, why the fuck do I give a shit about burning the fucking Football Hall of Fame, about burning the fucking Target? You broke the contract when you killed us in the streets and didn’t give a fuck! You broke the contract when for 400 years we played your game and built your wealth! You broke the contract when we built our wealth again, on our own, by our bootstraps in Tulsa and you dropped bombs on us! When we built it in Rosewood, and you came in and you slaughtered us! You broke the contract so fuck your Target!

[Verse 2]
After what I saw
Today I got pulled over by the law
They say I didn't hit the turn, seen 'em with a 100 feet and
Maybe that's the reason why you hit me in the jaw
It happens every day in every city I done been in
Here they come just pressin' when you drivin' once you're in it
I've been goin' 45 in a 45, why the fuck
You pulled me over when I'm drivin' at the limit?
Wish a n***a lyin' but I gotta be the truth
Feelin' like I'm popped when he was hangin' at the roof
Never point the finger 'less you comin' with some proof
Semi-automatic will eradicate 'em with a poof
Ever been up in a situation don't know what to do?
That's the type of shit I step in all day
When they put their damn knee on you and you can't breathe
How the fuck they finna listen what you gotta say?
My Counseling Session
- Oh shit, is it 3 o'clock already?
- Yes it is!
- Alright. Thanks for listening, doc! I'll be back next week!
- See you next week, Mr. Johnson!