Twisted Insane
Hell And Back
I'm right back with the Voodoo
Dominate 'em with the ?remedy? to give it time I leave 'em with the redrum
Baron Samedi, I meet 'em they will not be sick enough for me to greet 'em ain’t nobody winnin
When I pull up and defeat 'em, they be in the front yard with their head spun
When the lead come, better get to steppin' 'fore you get infected, oh shit
Ain't nobody on my levеl, I was sittin' with the devil when I wrotе this
I will never leave a dry eye, wonder why my brain's so sick
Now it's time for me to rise up outta hell and put the whole world on notice
And know this: I'm focused
So I'm try'na feed a n***a young, anybody want, become blown bits
Won't nobody battle me, I met up with my death and said "hold this"
Even though it's Halloween, met up with a fiend, hocus-pocus
Trick or treat, I keep it undefeated if you wanna come and get your throat slit
I'm from Dago where nobody jokin' when they smoke a n***a, that will mean you roasted
Smoke 'em with ?or without law?, watchin' everybody burn up in the black rain
I'm the only one that felt the pain, mental sprain I'm so toasted

Deadly with the weapon, hit 'em all up with an icepick
Try'na come a little different, I will [?] be around up in the kitchen
[?] a harder than ?a fire lit? my victim, ain't nobody come with shit like this
I'm nitrous, line 'em up and kill 'em all dead
Leave a n***a with a new part, they comin' back with a bald head
Anybody wanna follow me and I be makin' sure that we all fed
With me, go against me, they be six feet when it's all said
Jump in, go on, jump in
Right now?
Jump in, go on, jump in
Jump in, go on, jump in
Where we goin'?
Jump in, go on, jump in
To hell and back
Jump in, go on, jump in
Jump in, go on, jump in
Jump in, go on, jump in
Where we goin'?
Jump in, go on, jump in
To hell and back