Twisted Insane
Born Cursed
They said I ain't eat, missing a calling inside of me
No room in the front seat, blood, who finna bump me?
N***a, hell finna freeze over before you finna pump me
Put me in the trunk and take me out to the sticks and dump me
My brain, it must be sick, no medication worked
I still ain't where I'm supposed to, to levitate this Earth
I get up in this booth so I can meditate this hurt
My brain is really insane and that's been ever since that birth
Blood, no one understand, everybody wanna spam me with
"you will never win the Grammy" and "industry they wanna ban me" shit
If I had a million dimes for every time I've been handed shit
I wouldn't be dead broke and out here smokin' up these cancer sticks
I've come to terms that I will never drive no Phantom whip
No kinda real money, I'm on the corner with the Santa fit (Spare change?)
I got a 40 ounce in the back seat of an abandoned whip
And starin' my life face to face in the mirror like "I've had it, bitch!"
Ain't nobody finna catch me when I'm passin' out
They lookin' at me and they sippin' they tea all while I'm blackin' out
No punk in my blood, you wanna fuck 'em up, no backin' out
I'm makin' sure we got extra clips before we smashin' out
I'm 14 with a Mini-14 and actin' out
I really go buck, don't give a fuck 'bout what you yappin' 'bout
Since I was 13 they looked at me like I'm a wretched child
That's why the mind broke and I will smoke you like a Black & Mild
Born Cursed