Twisted Insane
Let It Be Known
[Verse 1]
I'm in the night, take another shot of Henn and take flight
Never know what I'ma do, he's a fool, bust on sight
F**k your life, put a bullet all up in your windpipe
Then go back up in the bedroom finna stick a n***a d**k up the wife
Takin' pipe, ain't nowhere to go, brain filled with the sickness
Followin' 'em home, I don't wanna get to bustin' chrome at a picnic
No witness, ain't no way to get away, he gon' get this
I be waitin' for the n***a, he was No. 1 upon the murder hitlist
So vicious, waitin' for you at the front door, lead toes
Really with the bidness, Brainsick like a pitbull with a rеd nose
Rappin' n***as wanna act hard, in the backyard they gеt exposed
Chop a n***a head off, put 'em in a big box with a red bolt
I will never let go, Brainsick to the grave pit
Every single day into the week they told me I ain't sh*t
Flown spaceships, when they hear me all the gorillas go apesh*t
Throw disloyal n***as in the circle who get mad when I made it
They hate it, try to get away, they comin' for you at your front door
Surround the house, it ain't no way to get out, n***a, tell me what the f**k you run for
You done for, anyone that wanna hit the steel cage for the rumble
Now I'm in this b*t*h so venomous sick, chewin' n***as like gumbo
Brained out, I was in it with the rags out, no rappin'
Everybody wanna take mine, spent my whole life out scrappin'
And everybody wanna b*t*h up, no switch up, stay active
Any way you wanna go, then, what's happenin'
I'ma let sh*t be known

[Interlude + Chorus]
I'ma let sh*t be known
I'ma let sh*t be known

[Verse 2]
I don't wanna hear no kind of garbage sh*t, people get caught up, makin' artist hits
Everybody wanna know where'd you go when your art is ?went?
I was in the past, stick a foot up in that a** with the hardest sh*t
(On Bloods, n***a) Tell me who you wanna aim for when the target's split
Dumpin' when I'm on the solo, n***a, no more Mr. Nice Guy
N***a, night-night, I be actin' like I'm Gizmo with the bright light
F**k around and hit the wrong trigger, n***a we can turn sh*t into Fright Night
Hi, I really wanna keep it ten feet, better back up
I don't want you all up in a n***a' bubble, you don't want no trouble with the Mack Truck
Do you wanna be about it, or you talk about it, I don't really give a mad f**k
With a gat in hand, run around like Taliban, them get wrapped up
Bloodstains on my floorboard, horrorcore
You run around lookin' for the shine, my life's more like Mordor
Four-door, pull up on you full of Brainsickers that's hungry
Always with the munchies 'cause, b*t*h, I was poor poor

[Outro + Chorus]
I'ma let sh*t be known
I'ma let sh*t be known