Twisted Insane
Let It Be Known
[Verse 1]
I'm in the night, take another shot of Henn and take flight
Never know what I'ma do, he's a fool, bust on sight
Fuck your life, put a bullet all up in your windpipe
Then go back up in the bedroom finna stick a n***a dick up the wife
Takin' pipe, ain't nowhere to go, brain filled with the sickness
Followin' 'em home, I don't wanna get to bustin' chrome at a picnic
No witness, ain't no way to get away, he gon' get this
I be waitin' for the n***a, he was No. 1 upon the murder hitlist
So vicious, waitin' for you at the front door, lead toes
Really with the bidness, Brainsick like a pitbull with a rеd nose
Rappin' n***as wanna act hard, in the backyard they gеt exposed
Chop a n***a head off, put 'em in a big box with a red bolt
I will never let go, Brainsick to the grave pit
Every single day into the week they told me I ain't shit
Flown spaceships, when they hear me all the gorillas go apeshit
Throw disloyal n***as in the circle who get mad when I made it
They hate it, try to get away, they comin' for you at your front door
Surround the house, it ain't no way to get out, n***a, tell me what the fuck you run for
You done for, anyone that wanna hit the steel cage for the rumble
Now I'm in this bitch so venomous sick, chewin' n***as like gumbo
Brained out, I was in it with the rags out, no rappin'
Everybody wanna take mine, spent my whole life out scrappin'
And everybody wanna bitch up, no switch up, stay active
Any way you wanna go, then, what's happenin'
I'ma let shit be known
[Interlude + Chorus]
I'ma let shit be known
I'ma let shit be known

[Verse 2]
I don't wanna hear no kind of garbage shit, people get caught up, makin' artist hits
Everybody wanna know where'd you go when your art is ?went?
I was in the past, stick a foot up in that ass with the hardest shit
(On Bloods, n***a) Tell me who you wanna aim for when the target's split
Dumpin' when I'm on the solo, n***a, no more Mr. Nice Guy
N***a, night-night, I be actin' like I'm Gizmo with the bright light
Fuck around and hit the wrong trigger, n***a we can turn shit into Fright Night
Hi, I really wanna keep it ten feet, better back up
I don't want you all up in a n***a' bubble, you don't want no trouble with the Mack Truck
Do you wanna be about it, or you talk about it, I don't really give a mad fuck
With a gat in hand, run around like Taliban, them get wrapped up
Bloodstains on my floorboard, horrorcore
You run around lookin' for the shine, my life's more like Mordor
Four-door, pull up on you full of Brainsickers that's hungry
Always with the munchies 'cause, bitch, I was poor poor

[Outro + Chorus]
I'ma let shit be known
I'ma let shit be known