Twisted Insane
The Initial High (Voodoo 2)
I am the one they call demon, not a pony with the one trick
I was in the kitchen cookin' [?] in like I'm on a sunk ship
Funny what's the people say about you when you really psycho with the gun clip
Maybe it's the visions I been havin', I ain't only rappin', I become sh*t
Go ahead and pick your poison, I'ma really bring the noise in with the ginsu
I will never bite my tongue, I don't really give a sh*t if it offends you
Your rent's due, anybody rappin', they can be up on the menu
I don't even wanna speak about it, matter fact I put this sh*t up in the rear view
I'm god tier on nitrous, no one's home and I'm lifeless
We can make a real movie, Sharon Stone with an icepick
Almost f**ked around and quit this sh*t, came back like tightest
They don't wanna meet the demon, see you when you dreamin', sicker than Coronavirus
I might just, put a mask up on my face, they don't know it's me
Then I show up in the blow up spots and go overseas
20 years up in the game, insane how they don't notice me
Maybe it's time I fade out slow-ly