Twisted Insane
[Verse 1]
Boom bringin doom to ya
It's funny you dont even know whats in the room wit ya
The evil spirit is around and he will fool wit ya
You all alone when someone touch you n***a who hit ya?
Im bringin scary yes i bury off any minute, ain't worried
I ain't witcha n***a i ain't even bool wit ya
Im Freddy Kruger with the ruger while layin down in manure
The maneuver made you wish you had a tool wit ya
N***a im a monster
I'm Michael Myers that'll haunt ya
Im under wire with no conscious
Motherfuckin bonkers
Pull up on him with the womper
Kill em all and eat em wit the chompers
You better watch out where you goin
When you leave your house on the late night
You gon run into a great white
And i think of jaws n***a raw
Fuck em all imma take flight
Imma let you go today, sike!
Man he always on that sick shit
Filled up with the liquid
People take a sip get addicted
Welcome to the return of the wicked
Twisted Insane
The vampire with the fangs
Im down wired in the brain
Ill take you to a scene that you only see up on a movie screen
We gon be if you can really fuckin hang
Imma give em all horror

[Verse 2]
Blast for the wrath of a
N***a that'll rip your heart out like I'm Dracula
Nowhere to go man when you know I'm comin' after ya
Took about a dozen, it wasn't me, it was that n***a
I'm a devil, people say I'm a rebel, there ain't no love and
You can reach it, they can teach [?] become Blackula
So malevolent, I revel and n***as'll be irrelevant
I relish in the feelin' like a spatula
N***a I'm the dark side
Now we gon' take a little car ride
To where you motherfuckers all die
Who gon' be the fall guy
?drunk? up in a room and then get hog tied
When I pull up watch how fast they all hide
Infragreen beam
Always aimin' at your team
Bitch you dealin' with a fiend
I'll bring you to a dream once you step into my scary movie scene
We gon' see how loud you motherfuckers scream
I'ma give 'em all horror

I'ma give 'em all horror
I'ma give 'em all-
I'ma give 'em all horror
I'ma give 'em all horror