Twisted Insane
Tie him up in the basement then ask (ask)
Where the f**k you keep all your stash? (stash)
Hurry up put this sh*t in this bag (bag)
If you make a wrong move then thats your a** n***a
Search all from the front to the back (back)
I dont want to play games where its at? sh*t
Come with that bullsh*t and get whacked (whack)
You dont want to be the one feel my wrath

?Blood it gets? never body for body we tippy toe past the yard
And the buddy keep the bugatti
They round me in my insanity
Demon I will embody
Im rippin through everything and I promise nobody stop me
Im vicious dont want to witness the kitchen gеttin all bloody
I promise we let you livе your life if you give up the money
If not you will ?knock your shut out?
We rip the skin off your tummy
You dealin with f**kin monsters
The evil demons and mummies
Tried to get up in the bedroom with the crow-
Bar motherf**kers too hard hurry up gots to go
I ain’t finna leave until i got a couple Gs and some gold
If you don’t tell [to this whole well?] it’s to hell where you go
I ain’t f**kin with a little cupcake get the duct tape for the hoe
On me you will get the uzi where the key for this door?
Imma take off the duct tape if you scream then i blow.. your brains in the wall you ain’t speakin no more