Twisted Insane
Wake Up
Wake up, still drunk from the night be-
Fo' and I gotta go out that do', b*t*h, I might be
Late to a n***a's show off that Long Island Iced Tea
Always do it for the Sick, I don't give a sh*t who don't like me
In my Nike Cortez on the highway to the function
I'ma listen to the Brainsick, blood, f**k what you bumpin'
You can bring it to the black top, all fades with no jump-ins
I don't even gotta think about it, I be in the front seat straight dumpin'
Get up in the ring, bing-bing, them over with
Try to get up in the whip and get the top [?] that Oprah get
Murder anybody when I get up on the mic, man, they know this sh*t
'bout to get up in that a** but then *cough* this Covid hit