Twisted Insane
Full Moon
I'm sick of people tellin' me on TV be all you can
I will burn 'em and I'll put 'em in the toilet from this shit I'm poopin'
Deadly with the automatic when I get to reppin' Jordan with the hoopin'
Choppin' with the helicopter kick, blood, Ken shit, Hadouken
Go to meet up with the wicked witch, no scarecrow, no total
Just a couple n***as on a mission try'na get some money, lookin' for the popo
You might as well call me Star Wars because I be on Han Solo
Trick or treat, hit 'em with the heat, Halloween and man I got a 44
One deep when I roll up
Your homie wanna come and hit this shit too, that's bool, but so what?
Why the fuck you even wanna come around when I'm sick like throw up
Twelve hoes and a body, now he leakin' like it does in donuts
I'm blown, mind gone, brain still sick
You ain't never been infected with pain like this
?hunnid mile? real sick once they reign like this
I ain't take shit, bitch, I just came like this
Don't be all up in the function with the mug all mean
Then I had to put a knife in, my wife get to tuggin' me
Try'na get me out the front door, I must go reluctantly
Fuckin' up a n***a' chucks but I love when it's blood on me
Hit the highway, do or die way, I'm a fiend
Love it when I bring you all into a n***a nightmare when you in your dream
Cut a n***a like I was Freddy with a machete, gotta split your seams
I ain't leavin' till they all dead, get bald head like Mr. Clean, n***a