Twisted Insane
Black Rain
[Verse 1]
I be really goin' all out, no maybes
I will leave a n***a mashed up, no gravy
Livin' life about the fast bus, so crazy
[?] got a mask up, no rabies
I ain't even try'na go out when I roll out
They be comin' at me with the bullshit, Brainsick since the 80s
You don't even wanna know 'bout that night time shit
Hurry up, turn around, run, they come with that hazy
Had to take a couple years off, now I'm back
Had to take another night shift, night stick, run it back
If you really wanna go, then go, then I react
Get away bumpin' DMX on a BMX, black diamond bag
Smokin' weed up in the Batcave but I'm Batman, no Robin
Better watch out for your back ache when I act brave, no problem
Everybody wanna talk tough but they all hush when I off 'em
You can listen when I'm at the pulpit, gotta do this more often
Sit up in the front of my house, bet not one car passin'
Get the gun anybody come and that's not sarcastic
I ain't try'na be tough guy, no love's why I've had it
Ink a n***a with the hollow tips, get your shit tatted
Granted, anybody even listen when I'm on the pulpit
How come every time I go up on a mission you don't really even do shit
I been tellin' people from the get, they ain't even gotta ask who sick
I've been given this gift of the spit so I use it
Black Rain
[Verse 2]
Had to fight but my life's like a movie
Grew up 'round MAC-10s and Uzis
I don't wanna hear that bullshit, it's dookie
Brainsick n***a spit shit like loogies
Everybody wanna talk like they with that
When I pull up they be in the back and stay away from yours truly
Hard for me to have a good time, get di-na-mite
Every single day I rise up I light up that gooey
Things ain't goin' my way, hella faded on the highway
Brain cooked like a Friday, [?] but why pay
Told 'em that I wanna pass out then blacked out off night train
Everybody goes "do shit" not equal to my pain
Sick of all these doctors, they say schizophrenic
When I tell 'em all I'm Brainsick, on me Blood, I meant it
Hard enough for me to maintain when the brain is suspended
Fuck it, long as I'm alive I'm gon' ride till I'm finished
Never run up outta ammo, comin' in like I'm Rambo
17 years old in the cold drinkin' on that camo
Run around like you a tough guy, will get a hollow in your Lambo
It ain't never been funny, I promise they don't want it, I will hit 'em with the whammo
I will turn 'em into supper, put 'em on a paper plate, then eat 'em up
They ain't even on my brain wave, no microwave, still heat 'em up
Scared of a little blood stain, actin' like you ain't seen a cut
Ain't nobody wanna help me when I was just like "I need a buck"
Black Rain