Twisted Insane
You Mad
Sick James

[Verse 1]
I put you rappers in between some pita bread
Scramble your vocab like it was cheese and eggs
Momma had a hard time putting me to bed
Anyone in my house could'a been sick but they picked me instead
I’m Batman when he runnin' to that damn Joker
I'm Dracula with the fangs out, Bram Stoker
Run around with a cape on in Chuck T-s like fuck these
People don’t wanna compete, I eat like a ham shoulder
Step in the booth, I turn you from mice to men
Better off men to mice when my knife gets to slice again
Hi, my friend, someone tell me which one he is hidin' in
Give it up 'cause ain't nobody stoppin' me when I begin
Kill 'em all and drink the blood like Heineken
I'm Jason Vorhees with a little Freddy
You try'na kill me, miss, well, shit try again
I eat ’em up like breadsticks with my spaghetti
I’m in a Michael Myers mask drivin'
Lookin’ out for the ones who still hidin'
They about to be the ones who all dyin'
Put 'em all up in a bong and I’m flyin'
Really I'm gettin' sick of bein' nice shit
My basic instinct's to hit you with an icepick
Or maybe you will get woke up in a night shift
And hung over the balcony (Like who?) Vanilla Ice shit
You mad
You mad

[Verse 2]
I'm still behind the wheel, I ain't make it far
I had to pull over 'fore I crash the car
Ended up as the last one sittin' gettin' trashed
Passed out and my Michael Myers mask on the fuckin' bar
Matter of fact I think I've had one too many
I killed Santa when he came down the chimney
I killed the Easter Bunny, he was try'na get me
A couple eggs, shit, he was being friendly
Watch out for the ones in the dark, shootin'
Little n***as who be at the park, poopin'
People become innocent bystanders out hoopin'
They don't want it with the werewolf, shoot arrows like Cupid
Hit 'em all up with the venom and I got away upon a bus
Hoppin' to another city when they come and get me just to make a major bust
Fade to dust, they don't wanna come in, I'm dangerous
Way lit to this day, shit, I stay Brainsick [?]
No cap though but I say this to scare you, n***a
Walk in the asylum, I dare you, n***a
Brain sicker than most, bring the Theraflu with ya
Break out the new 4 pound when the coroner zip ya
Really I'm gettin' sick of bein' nice shit
Cannibal [?] this shit, I'm way sicker than ?Sirus?
Sit about with the ginsu but really though, I'm fins' to
Kill all you motherfuckers (Like what?) Coronavirus
You mad
You mad