Twisted Insane
I'm Yo Mother F**kin Nightmare You've Heard About
N***as 'll get they sh*t split quick just like this
Been around for some years so I seen all things
Finna load my strap and wait for what the ball brings
12 AM I'm on the front porch with my weed
I ran out of all the rest I scrape some resin for my needs
Someone hit the block then hit the lights
Who the f**k is on my street? Yell in my house
"SON, BRING THE HEAT" but its too late
They pulled up and hit me in my chest plate
Everything fades to black Then when I woke up
I"m at death's gate Tried to get out the side
But then realized they ain't no Es-cape
No way to get back to my life I die
Today's my death date
Walkin up in the house
Son, "where the f**k have you been?"
I was in the devil's alley Made a couple new friends
Told me if I take a trip then I could make a few ends
And that's when I met him
Baron samedi

On the dark side with the voodoo Drown em in black magic
I snap real life Shaka Zulu Drown em in gasoline
They said in god we trust I'm let you pray then give you (sickopotamus)
But really about that lowa knock on the door
And bring you death really ain't nothin nice
I'm draining that life out you till ain't sh*t left
Put the hold on my album till I really feel like that's a hit
Now I'm back from the dark finna hit you with some cla**ic sh*t
(F**k These N***as Up)
Still I'm a loner never do pick my phone up nobody coming nobody hang out b*t*h I'm sicker than Rona
I was deadly way before this pandemic sh*t
Its funny looking at the outcome when the devil hit
3 AM I'm in the basement with my ear on the music and that someone made me do it in my beer
I'm ready to die right now I told myself up in the mirror
(Die right now, sh*t!)
And that's right when he appeared
Baron Samedi