Twisted Insane
Elm Street
[Verse 3 - Twisted Insane]
On Elm Street with Freddy Krueger runnin ready Eddy Scissorhands
I know motherfuckers that'll off your baby mama n***a for about a grand
If they really wanna turn around and go and play a bitch move
I can bring the devil right up in your kitchen, you be sweatin'
What the fuck, I thought you was the man
You could be just walkin' hand in hand, I'm in the minivan and I be lurkin'
Pull up on you, roll the window down and I been waiting just to put the work in
It's that Floor Boards, you want more gore?
Pull up on you, hit you with the four door
Got a n***a fiendin' for the horrorcore
And them big fat beef curtains
I was always into dark shit, and them bitches always
Wanna get to know a n***a that was settled different but a
Motherfucker became so heartless
Sit up on the roof and wait about a week to get my target
Talkin' shit'll get you eradicated from the Brain, don't play smart, bitch!
Really? You don't want me, silly-dilly
Hit 'em with the milli, smokin' on the Philly
I be in the corner by myself, lookin' like some nutcase
Bitches always wanna come around a show and give a n***a that fuck face
All they really get is maybe diggin bullets, trash bags and duct tape
Murder, wake 'em up and then I make a n***a swallow bullets
If you wanna go against a demon, I'mma bring it to you in the fullest
Talkin' like he really wanna run on with the ammunition, get to bussin'
I'mma have this motherfucker really fussin' when a n***a pull it
-You don't want that though-
N***a, that's that sick shit
Shoot 'em up then zip them
In a bag, give toe-tag
Yep n***a, them my victims
Anybody wanna go to battle better ask who you kiddin'
Signed to the BrainSick so I keep it brainsickin'
N***a, mashin' a bitch's face like potatoes
Feed a n***a more God of War like I'm Kratos
Bussin' 'em and I hit 'em with the fully auto
Then eat 'em up like tomatoes
You know, tom-ah-to, tom-ay-to...
Ever since I was 13, I always knew how to steal cable
We ain't never had a dime and always got handouts and shit
Keep on try'na stand out and shit
They gon' be yellin' "man down" in here, brain!