Twisted Insane
Diabolical Verse
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
And after that slow shit, they notice
I'm mean like it's Halloween with no "Hocus Pocus"
I'm clean like a guillotine that slice through your choch
Bitch please nobody wants your ass your shit got the roaches

Nobody wanna fuck around with a bitch who got mildew
Soon as he hit the door won't you show him the real you
I can't believe the shit these n***ahs let you get away with
If you'd of been my bitch I would've motherfucking killed you

Then I'm off into Colorado with my n***as, they be on Park Hill
Brained out, got a bang out like '94 for real
What the fuck you mean chill, n***a? Insane has no chill just
Chew a motherfuckers face as I make them my meal

I don't even wanna be around him if he ain't no rider
Grew up and I threw up with real south east siders
N***as that good night ya, walk up to you when you having
A picnic at the park with your bitch and provide ya

Brainsick reminiscent of a n***a hung up like Jesus
No lines sicker than ebola since I came out that fetus
I only get my kicks in jackin off my dick or stompin a
N***as face in with a shell-toe Adidas
Night time creepers under the moon light, you got shrooms right?
My n***as don't want get fucked up, especially on doom night
Watch you mean I zoom right? passin and I'm gassin off of super
Unleaded(?) you will get beheaded n***a who's tight

Who's Twisted Insane? You should be ashamed if you don't know that name, alter lane, 15 years, chewing rappers up in the game
I can have your bottom bitch give me brain, bobble head
Like spencer's gifts, n***a keep the loose change

Never really gave a fuck though, i'm cutthroat, leaning
People coming at me everyday with for the new shit they fiending
Quit your daydreaming, Twisted Insane ready to hit your motherfuckin brain up, I am the last demon