Twisted Insane
Killer Instincts
Verse one (Z)

My mental gone like a kidnapped kid
Put your motherf**kin body in a ziplock kit
I ain't gonna kill em ima rip off skin
Til a Iso hit while my skits clock in
Then I cut em, eat a person clean em in the sink
Set the bones on top of the bed and then I throw them in the sheets
My motherf**kin nutcase I ain't lookin for no peace
Cause in a booth or in the streets He got killer instincts
Turn em into slabs in the lab and the practice for surgery tactics
Machete getting gut like a third world practice
The paint on my face like the third world savage
Y'all don't want the part I beat the razor blade your artery go fold you with the plastic
They don't want the car cut that tied to or with a Hart let be the part of me for killin you be get inside this attic
Shame on you basterds That's softer than matress a chockered like mastiffs
I pray on you basterds that's actually weak but you talk it like rappers
I don't really give a f**k who you say it tatter and they come through me
It's fire squad b*t*h and the whole damn clip we on brainsick sh*t, killer instincts

Verse two (JayCrazii)

Choppin em up and I'm rippin their brain while I'm grippin the grain hoppin up out of the whip with the blade
We can catch a fair fade in the staircase killer instincts with the ink pen got me locked down in the precinct for the weekend
Gotta get it goin gotta get up on the move if you snooze
On the dude blood will ooze on your shoes so you better check your crews
Dont ever give me confused watch the words that you choose
If you speakin up out of spite you be leakin out by the night
Darkness to light when I'm creepin through the night if i meet you den we can fight
To the people that follow me better get it cause we different
I don't give a f**k about nobody cause I really live it
And I really rip it
You can really get it if you dissin you be missin n***as find ya f**kin body while they fishin'
Brainsick in this b*t*h, ain't no hesitation man I really need some medication get a**asinated never contemplatein mutilation body separation what you facing once you put my f**kin name in
Better stay calm for i start droppin napalms on they mom
Hit em with a semi automatic out in traffic ain't no magic I be spazzin I'm a savage with the ratchet I be blastin a-a-a-a-automatic

Verse three (Twisted Insane)

I hit you up with the max
So everybody get back if you come up with disrespect there's no tellin how i how I react
I murder em by the millions I cut em up in the kitchen quit b*t*hin I'm finna stack em up in the trunk of my 'lac
Visions of people vicious or murderous in your bushes I overdose off of killin you lookin really suspicious
I back em up with the sickness you b*t*hes lookin delicious I really just wanna eat her brainfeeder he is my witness
I went to Harrisburg and asked the homie where the weed
He told me get a swisher weet and meet him on the street
I pull up in they hands and b*t*hes waiting for the D
So i took her to the bathroom and I hit it on the B
Brainsick came upverter, Took her to the stall and I ain't even leave it all until I saw the pu**y squirtin
Who knew the b*t*h would f**k a deuce cloose and I ain't playin blue's clues I'm sick like i was PeeWee Herman
Brain every time I see you when we greet
Brain to every person that I just meet
This bull said f**k the Brain so I started just laughin and I left his brain stained up in the street
Rahh, Started bustin at it with the Nina
Knew I had to do it mother f**kin misdemenor
Run up on me if you really wanna drone piece I blast bullets on that a** faster than a cheetah
Verse four ( Chadrick)

Every single verse ima killer garuntee it they gonna feel it when I step up to the building
No point in concealin that I got a lyrical pistol
Guts all over the ground they talk sh*t so I spilled em
Pacing around the room grabbing every blunt object in sight
If I really wanted to end your life I would of done it that night after I got you high
Anybody f**kin with Chadrick smashin and I'm stabbin every lyrical a**a**in
Hit em with the fully automatic clip incinerate the body cut the hands pull their teeth, nobody know what happened
Unidentifiable and it's undeniable, that I will hold you liable for thinkin you're more miniacle than the
Firing Squad, B-B-B-Brainsick your symbol a team bunch of diamonds and mansions
Your corny metaphors they annoy me so I'm exporting endorphins to the ma**es
Unfortunately, God cursed me from birth I was made disproportionately
I fortunately got the Clydesdale horses with me on some real sh*t run from your ho quick

Verse five (Iso)

Dealin with the mind of a killer you f**kin with the gorilla that walk inside of your house and make sausages out your filler
While n***as playin nintendo i'm creepin inside of your window to leap em weeping like willowers spittin off in the river
While really sick in the middle while n***as be in the spit up we'll f**k her wrong and I kill em and put the body on wheels
I'm playin em like a fiddle while eatin em like a skittle you n***as Dont wanna play cause I'll turn your wife to a widow
I'm really sick in the brain when I'm grippin up on their bang or I'm catching em with his family turning em to a stranger
I Hit em up with the flamer and n***as phasing their paper
They wonderin how the f**k did the n***a pull off the caper
I keep it dope with a laser but killin you with a razor
You thinkin I'm Sweeny Todd when I'm giving n***as a taper
If talkin sh*t went they bust then they foldin up like some paper
I put em inside the oven then servin em like a waiter
Who f**kin with the brain n***a that's a no brainer
So many dead bodies it could be a cater
If wonder true did it but I'm pushin like a skater
And I'm laughing at the loan like see you later alligator
Bang on you n***as for the crane 16
And everytime I do it spit a gwame 16
And all you n***as weak but you weighin 16
But I bet you quit trippin when I hang this beam
Homie f**k rap n***a we bust that n***as
Click clack on my hood blood f**k that n***a
Dey ain't checkin for your music you suck whack n***a
Old a** in the booth sounding b*** crack n***a
What's that n***a? Now you wanna diss me
So I got on her forgotten we had history
I'm still in the hood n***a ain't no mystery
I go jeko with the homie from the deko killer instincts
Verse six (Twistid Rob)

A bitter sicko feastin on the pityful and choppin up the syllables a melody provided I'm a slaughter me
A 16 grind em into mince meat
Better pray for muzzle cause a motherf**ker hotter
Envision of a murderer come for the decorations and the hatin phony rappers lunch up with the preperations
Put em in the dirt, it's a final destination
Lotta saltys on the other end showing hella hesitation
These veggie hittin motherf**kers gonna get it twisted
Like no other but I do it midi skitzin like a fittin lookin like a savage fella cannot fathom bullsh*t
Keep a rudda buddy automatic with a full clip
I hear it talkin loud but you're argumemt's hopeless
Id rather get to knockin knock em out oh sh*t
I get to hackin up the problems like they're on the go shift
Everybody fiendin for the lyra ella dopeness
Breaking em off for sickness, making all my victims, take em like a bomb push em like b***ons for ignition
N***a for the listen, bringin em home my vision, hear the boys for lockin in front of your system
Comp to the kitchen, ain't compet**ion, stirring up the pot with the newest edition
Ready for the itches grab a kilo the kid came home and homicidal on a genocidal mission

Verse seven (Hurricane)

Started off as a problem but not a problem that a got a little bit big for you to handle
I've been a wick to a candle the slick of the big block to killer instinct I'm an animal
My brain's scattered but don't matter the Looney tunes
Shoulda never came out of that f**kin pedigroom
Put it up on her with the mask like a raccoon but what they've shouldn't a ney give up in a baboon
Primated and prospus to like a paradox
I can bring you sh*t that'll fills up with triceritops
Do a drive by but the rocket launcher then pair of crocs
Banging on a n***a until his air just stops
You ain't ever been ready to deal with this sh*t
Machete make em confetti go turn em into brisket
Had a n***a thinkin their daddy could get the hit list
Catch em in the grocery store to clean up on isle six
Bet a n***a wish he never came around this
Stuck a barnicle d**k in his a** and never carca**
My brain's sick n***as is sicker than those are talkin
Send the city worker responder up in the garbage
K-town n***a my gang is real
I can tell your whole block how to handle your heel
Motherf**kins gon' see that its killer for kill
K I to the L L when you f**kin for real my n***a

Verse eight (D.B.O.I.)
Heavenly father forgive me, for what I'm about to do
Cause genocide or sudden scare the winning numbers neglected who me hell is whoever blast a fist take perspective
Do you wanna send a wrath in this wreckage?
Take a shot we shakin, hisses ima get em
With a pen I was in and this ink to my ways engraved til the end
Have a n***a encore fan drunk and ignore lane never seen gordus stylish
Blan got my fly hangin out my ride just a minage, we is nuts for your eyelids
Whos this? Keyed eye be down or rynackin never leeing to the world motherf**kers is revalation you faithsy and stand adjacent with satan
So my homeful penijaters so, and control, them all
Feel like I'm stuck in this motherf**ker
There's too many they're cuttin this motherf**ker
Lightin up places to touch this motherf**ker
That buckin this mother f**ker get back to this motherf**ker for real
Words from a skitzo
Weapon of choice is a pencil
So dont go testing the instinct of a killer
Find out me and the grim reaper are identical

Verse nine (Dikulz)

Im sick in the brain brain brain
I cut their wrist until their veins drain drain
Then I hop inside the pu**y when I do ima treat em like pops to the bang bang bang
Man these rappers they're v*****l like a uterus
I answer for the truth and get p*ssed when you say their music's sh*t
How can you ever really improve your spit
When you digivised from the people actually doing it
F**k em, let em die for their swagger
Front page news, I die for the glamour
I'm your attacker my mind is a dagger
With once foul swoop I'll slice your cadaver
Im ill, and it's part sh*t to blame
It designed my d**k riding artists in the game
Making true artists just starve for some change
With a sub par chest stiffed far it's a shame, I'm done
With all the shenanigans when I'm back and the bad again ima make her stop panicking
Davenger, ravager they posing like mannequins
Somethin don't change ima have to go banish em so
Kick rocks we dont need no more, tell her pack your bags gotta go you gotta dip
Too many tennis round this motherf**ker not payin rent dead showin others to evict, brain