Twisted Insane
One Night In Paris
[Verse 1]
I could've been the one off in your bitch pipe like cock diesel
Take her in the bed and make her wanna whip out that weasel
Flight, took her into France, made her do a dance on this shit
I got dick that'll keep a bitch comin' back like a sequel
Night, hit her with a pipe, she's so tight, I'm like 'Fuuuck!'
Hold it and hold it, really don't want to bust
But the way she be workin' that pussy all up on a n***a dick
She make me unload and explode with my nuts
Dressed up like I'm Saint Nick with a great dick, black Santa
Once she give a n***a head, she sport the Brainsick bandana
Take her out the bed, put her on the kitchen counter, I pound her
She make a n***a say 'Arriba' like Fredo Santana
Teach her all type of new shit, no bullshit, she never seen no motherfucker beat that pussy like I did that night
Have her comin' by the buckets, just oozin', pussy drippin'
Like a motherfuckin' jacuzzi when she takin' that pipe

[Hook - 4X]
Brainsick, gotta stay, man, only one night in Paris

[Verse 2]
One night in Paris, I cherish every minute of it
Wish I can go right back to the very beginnin' of it
I don't really give a fuck what no one else is thinkin' of it
I could move to this bitch right now today and I'mma love it (Oui!)
Catch me in alleyway off of Ol' E
Up in a room, bumpin' ?Micos Locos?
For them beatin' vocals all my people know me