Twisted Insane
One Night In Paris
[Verse 1]
I could've been the one off in your b*t*h pipe like c*ck diesel
Take her in the bed and make her wanna whip out that weasel
Flight, took her into France, made her do a dance on this sh*t
I got d**k that'll keep a b*t*h comin' back like a sequel
Night, hit her with a pipe, she's so tight, I'm like 'Fuuuck!'
Hold it and hold it, really don't want to bust
But the way she be workin' that pu**y all up on a n***a d**k
She make me unload and explode with my nuts
Dressed up like I'm Saint Nick with a great d**k, black Santa
Once she give a n***a head, she sport the Brainsick bandana
Take her out the bed, put her on the kitchen counter, I pound her
She make a n***a say 'Arriba' like Fredo Santana
Teach her all type of new sh*t, no bullsh*t, she never seen no motherf**ker beat that pu**y like I did that night
Have her comin' by the buckets, just oozin', pu**y drippin'
Like a motherf**kin' jacuzzi when she takin' that pipe

[Hook - 4X]
Brainsick, gotta stay, man, only one night in Paris

[Verse 2]
One night in Paris, I cherish every minute of it
Wish I can go right back to the very beginnin' of it
I don't really give a f**k what no one else is thinkin' of it
I could move to this b*t*h right now today and I'mma love it (Oui!)
Catch me in alleyway off of Ol' E
Up in a room, bumpin' ?Micos Locos?
For them beatin' vocals all my people know me