Twisted Insane
The Creep Show
[Verse 1: Bukshot]
Chop 'em like a slasher flick
I just wanna rap and sh*t
I just wanna stab a b*t*h
I just wanna laugh a bit
I am just a creep, I'm a weirdo who will murder you
I can go to sleep at night no worries that I've heard of you
I am just a creep, I'm a weirdo who will murder you
I got a thing for blood and gore
Got my plate but I want some more
Picked up tools at the hunter store
Look for a gullible young dumb w****
Burned alive in the blaze just like the zombie king
Closed my eyes before I sleep, I like to hear the zombies sing
Nowhere to run to, I wanna taste you
I really want you, I don't wanna waste you
Told you I'm a creep, b*t*h
Put her in the trunk, yeah, take a little car ride
It's time to go to sleep, b*t*h
Take her to the dump, yeah, welcome to the dark side

[Verse 2: Kung Fu Vampire]
Well what if I told you right now that I have my d**k in my hand?
Looking through your window, I'm a peeping Tom
And I'm gonna eat your ramen
And I'm already been step on your feet and it's uncommon
To defeat the shaman and I'm lovin' you in your pajamas
Spit on your t**s like a llama
I feel like I know you now
We should take a trip to the Bahamas, momma
I got a house in the hills and a pocket full of pills
And I'm rockin' your body until you're ill
Got this sad hoe in my Winchester mystery house
And I'll lift up your blouse
And it's probably not a good deal or a bargain
I'm an arsonist puttin' flame to the meat
I'm not here for defeat
I'm a pedigree of people pretendin' to be literally physically makin' your heart beat

[Verse 3: Mastamind]
A Mastamind, a Hellraiser forever hell raising
The wicked sh*t'll never die, rest in peace Wes Craven
They all lookin' at me scared like I'm standing right next to Satan
Thinkin' I'm 'bout to flip out, that's a good guestimation
F**k everybody, that's my status for the day
I'm starvin' and you startin' to look like a perfect break
Welcome to The Creep Show where your life is the price to pay
Please know I don't care if you ever again see the light of day
F**k 'em!
[Verse 4: SC*M]
Let's f**k in the middle of the night
And it's colder than sex with the dead
Then the more I'm gonna slap
Throw 'em up on my stack
You don't smear, steaming blood that you shed
On my face, on my neck, on my chest, on my back
Crimson red like a beast born in hell
Hear the sirens approach
Go and hide like a roach
Cuz I don't give a f**k that you tell
That I am not dead, not right
I don't play with a death that is full
Due to drug abuse, I'm a screw so loose
Like an alcoholic stool (Ooh!)
That might have the runs
Better get your guns
Better aim and don't you miss
Only got one shot, then I'm on your b*t*h
You can bet your life on this

[Verse 5: Sutter Kain]
Yo, baby guts and sl*ts
Bunch of f**kin' mutts (yeah)
.45 semi, I don't give a f**k
Head shots, now your f**kin' brain's gone (yeah)
Shoot that b*t*h in the throat to my same song (Why?)
I'm a f**kin' n***a, who the f**k is you? (Yeah!)
I don't give a f**k, n***a, f**k you (Yeah!)
Pull a gun quick hopin' b*t*h
Redrum, redrum, it's a murder, b*t*h
[Verse 6: Twisted Insane]
I murder many but I'm wanted by the ma**es
And I got witches that do wicked like I'm evil
They tell me I'm a little murder kinda like a horror movie
But I promise you there'll never be no sequel
And I was posted with the zombies in the Batcave
Lookin' out for walkers like I was The Walking Dead
But this ain't no prison, better give me fifty feet before I pull a millimeter put a bullet in his head
Put him up in the bathroom in a bathtub with blood
Psyched doing a Michael with two painted gloves
They don't wanna run up on that Brainsick sh*t
I will take one to the face and then show you no love
Things could've been nice but you chose this way
Now I got foolies to hit
Walk up in that room put the AK-47 in your boom
C*ck it back and I'ma blow the b*t*h to bits, sh*t

[Verse 7: Damien Quinn]
I'll creep walk in like incision'
Like it's Halloween and had the feel
Pick a skin and we'll feel the bone
Drowning in bleach I could raid my home
My focus made it that trick-or treaters
I'm a brain-eater teenager for moms
Got candy bars filled with cyanide
Trick-or-treaters and death tonight
The light from the jack-o-lantern lets me know what I am cutting
The bile you're releasing is their color of a pumpkin
Scooping their guts on the inner-core
But I don't remove the seeds
I devour whatever's in my hands and leave the rest for the devil to eat

[Verse 8: KidCrusher]
So sick in my mind from nine to five
So sick I don't know if I'm alive
I'm been creeping in my sleep and am I coming in your motherf**ker window and I'm gonna stick my d**k and nut
F**k a b*t*h in her sleep
Cut the body up and every body part I'mma keep
I'm a cannibal, animal
Feces then I get 'em all
Six feet deep underground where I let 'em all rot
I'm a poltergeist, a paranormal ent**y and you ain't getting rid of me
I'm your nightmare, Freddy, Boogieman b*t*h
Get your body like a rigor mortis and I'm waiting for the twist
No more, I wake up in the cemetery
I try to move, but I'm dead
This sh*t's my mortuary

[Verse 9: Polk B of Project Born]
Motherf**kers better run, I'mma chop chop swing
On my c*ck, red beam
Bring it to you b*t*h n***as
If you really want a problem you know where the f**k to find me
Project Born don't give a flip
Time representor
Homicidal in the booth, got the killers on the roof
Ain't no pussies over here, we 180 proof
Underground murder game
Out the Gary painting state
Got them dawgs with the windows and we feel a little loose
Twenty years in the game and the n***as stay the same
Come in with the four leave out with the four
If you really wanna know how a n***a change his flow
I can f**king speed it up or I can break it down slow
Project Born from the top to the bottom
Say you need a hit, one them projects boys got 'em
Empty out the clip and you will later see them raw
It's the boy Polk B, Nitty tell 'em what it be

[Verse 10: Frank Nitty of Project Born]
Me after more than old
Nut the f**k up and I rip up the show
Shut the f**k up if you ain't getting no
Project Born n***as is hot like the stove
Cause we legendary, legendary
Frank Nitty be legendary
B*t*hes don't get no love, not even in February
Shoot first don't ask questions
You will hurt till your last breath is
Shade cop like they quarterback this
Now you run like I'm Odell Beckham
Golden nuts better check on them at the front door like flight luggage
What the f**k you trynna front for just put more holes in my budget

[Bridge: Bukshot]
I am just a creep, I'm a weirdo who will murder you

[Verse 11: Skitzo]
I'm constant, I'm on steroids
King Kong on Adderall
Sons of Anarchy prospect
I'm walking around with one ball
Bangkok could sling rocks
All of a sudden that pain stops
Murder on Halloween in the same mask that Bane got
American Horror Story, my whole life on FX
Then Bukshot gave you a buck fifty
That rusty knife, a crushed neck
I'm schizo, same sh*t but a different toy
A churn ain't got my blood boiling
Heavenly Father please bless this day anoint this murder

[Verse 12: The Fool (Bulletproof & The Fool)]
Deep in the minds of the darkness see no shadows see no light (no light)
But I know that somebody's here cause I hear something to my right (right)
The smell of rotten flesh is like a fragrance or cologne
The temperature just dropped real low, I'm not alone (who's there?)

[Verse 13: Bulletproof (Bulletproof & The Fool)]
You with that hash and hashtag
We P.T. and we be on one
Recite that Necronomicon while puffing marijuana (marijuana)
Trippy cause we also came to open up yo chakras (chakra)
Till villain is forgot, done
Please hold, he's gon' have some problems

[Verse 14: The Fool (Bulletproof & The Fool)]
Proud to be a greedy glutton
Three of the seven dead
My lazy a** is full of lust
Off with his head
Feel the wrath of the soul within
I only want to kill those I infest

[Verse 15: Bulletproof (Bulletproof & The Fool)]
Don't creep with me
Don't be scared we alien
Circle around this Ouija board
Resurrect the late Wes Craven in
Bring the nightmare to your streets
Happy Samhain Halloween
Found you wrapped in your sheets
Lay candle where yo head should be (what?)

[Outro: Bukshot]
I am just a creep, I'm a weirdo who will murder you