Twisted Insane
[Chorus : Twisted Insane]

Never know when they is coming, know when it's time for you shut up
Never know when they going to pull up in front of your house and hop out b*t*h like "What up?"
Never know when you got n***as like me outside of your house waiting for you to get home
Never know if i'm already inside of your house and you thinking you was alone, when

[Verse 1 : Twisted Insane]
Jim was offended by the comments that you making made him feel he was belittled, till he opened up her window found that b*t*h up on the couch and shoved her face up in the pillow and he went up in a roar
As he began to penetrate her he was trying to suffocate her but she started fighting back and got to scratching just to make him pull the mask up off his face , he put the blade up to her neck and said "B*t*h forget what you saw"
He left her lying in the semen

To be continued