Twisted Insane
Magic Bullet
[Gon'?] wake up [fo' me?]
Wake up
I want you to suck on it real quick
And I had enough of that sh*t
Enough of this muthaf**kin studio all goddamn day, you know I ain't got time for none of that sh*t
You know what I need
Give it to me, give it to me, give it

I don't really even wanna say no mo'
[In the club and a'...?]
All [these n***as in my face, now get the f**k up out my face before I?]
And I don't really even wanna say no mo'
Just wanna hit the pu**y, wanna hit the ba-chicka-ba-chicka-ba-chicka

[Hook X4]
Now I'm workin like I was a magic bullet

[Verse 1]
Give a n***a pu**y in the mornin...
You ain't even gotta say a word
Suck a n***a d**k the minute that you see me yawnin
Cuz I be in the mood to eat the pu**y like this sh*t was straight from Denny's
There's really nothin to it and I'm faded offa fluid, baby gimme gimme gimme, sh*t
The way you lookin, [Brain, sh*t, I had to do it?]
Playin b*t*hes just like a game of tag and you it
I really wanna get between ya legs and work the pu**y like a magic bullet
Putchya t**ties in my face and lemme suck em while I'm rubbin on ya booty
Otha n***as on ya phone, you wanna f**k em, I am knowin, not a newbie
(Come on)
Lemme get a little taste, come and sit up on my face
Whatchyou mean it's that time of the month, [?] [b*t*h?] and give a little... taste
Everytime a n***a hit the pu**y, it be feelin brand-new
This n***a drippin muthaf**kin fluid, lookin like it's shampoo
Thought yo a** knew, sh*t
I really can't wait for me to see you, [baby waitin for the time of day?]
(For what?)
So I can drop d**k in ya pu**y, so goddamn long, see it from miles away
Hit the flo' and suck a n***a d**k while me smokin on my Swisher
Baby wanna f**k a n***a quick and I ain't even playin with ya tongue, like a magic bullet


[Verse 2]
[?] when I come around cuz you was always f**kin wit some b*t*h n***as
Text ya hub'nd, tell em that you love em, but when my d**k is deep, you don't really even miss n***as
Lickin the pu**y like it was [my knees are on stuck?]
Tell me you wanna settle down and make love or f**k
But enough of that bullsh*t, I'm already knowin you learned to suck
So won't you get up on ya knees and take the d**k to the nuts?
Ya walkin and smellin like d**k-breathe, alcohol in the front seat, but that don't even matter though
I wanna do this sh*t like it's a rodeo
Let my d**k be the bull and your pu**y be the [?]
I want the gushy in my face like a cantaloupe
Eat the watermelon, let the [really?] be the antidote
Dippin the pu**y all up on the tip of a n***a d**k, eat the pu**y, then I beat the sh*t like I'm an animal
If I could have it all, [a n***a waitin?], we'd be f**kin like hyenas
Six times a day, no time to play, pu**y just be c*mmin on my p*n*s
Drop it up in you deep, bend you over, get to workin up in the pu**y like I'm [center fully autoooo?]
I remember takin you up in the parking lot and f**kin you up at my show, up in the homie Tahoe
I wish you was up in the bed and givin me some head and while I'm rubbin on ya clit
Love it when you tell a n***a "f**k me," and playin with your pu**y while you rubbin on your t**s
Pick you up and stroke it while I'm holdin you
F**k all that bullsh*t, you love it when I hit
And pick you up, reverse cowgirl, so I can watch that a** just bounce up on my d**k