Twisted Insane
A Spider In The Night
Mhh, Brainsick
Yeah that, yeah now you
Brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain
Yeah, gather around
Come one, come motherf**kin' all n***a
It’s like it’s, it’s like it’s

[Verse 1]
It's like a spider in the night, that'll hit your a** with just one bite
Now you don't wanna get affiliated with a n***a that'll run up on mothaf**kas who bust on sight
Brainsick, run up on a semi-automatic mac 11 when I put one in ya dome
N***as said they runnin' from the hollow tip chrome
Body bicker breaker like a fat Jim Jones
And get up out'cha seat for the brainsick song
Black on my face for every mission
Bustin' on n***as when I'm in the zone
Why you think half of these people is missin'
Why you think half of these n***as is dissin'
'Cause I'm puttin' they bodies in rags
Then why you think half of these people is p*ssin'
Brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain
Run up on a n***a when I hit 'em with a little bit of liquor
When I'm comin' for the dough
Ain't no stoppin' this when I'm in, 'cause I'm droppin' this
On mothaf**kas that'll be off if It didn't blow
You n***as really don't wanna battle me 'cause I paddle a n***a When I be up in the mothaf**kin' brain
Hysteria, and a fist of fury, never will I hurry
I'ma bury it up with a f**kin' six foot string
Can I keep it goin'? I can keep it goin 'til the Sun come up
You run up you get done
Take it to the what? forget it, pa** the blunt and b***er
But I smoked the blunt of an English man
But I’m drinkin’ up a pint with a pin this month
Then I really gotta top it 'cause a n***a wanna nut
And I really want get up in ya but before I cut ya gotta
(Huff and puff and huff and puff)

[Hook x2]
Get the bottle poppin' off the homie and the body rot
Maybe you could take another bullet in the room
Hit it with the venom when I’m livin' off of venom
And the n***as in the building before I carry for they doom
It’s a spider in the night, fill the body with the sick 9 millimeter
Motherf**kers better bang, bang
Poppin' off another one and cut ‘em with the venom when I pop that
Brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain

[Verse 2]
They want that
Got some motherf**ker lookin' at me like a n***a really wanna get up and sit up
Put bullets in motherf**kers that wanna run up on fellas
Put bullets in motherf**kers that’s all sent up on me
Get the b*t*h grippin' and poppin' up on me
Hit a biddy b*t*h for until for me to come in, ay
N***a better check that’s for Michael like you want a thing

Brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain

And I don’t really give a, you don’t really give a
Who don’t give a f**k about a n***a that’s comin' up out of poverty
Poppin' at every n***a that wanna run up and bother me
On top of the motherf**kers that be after the brain
Cause I keep sinnin' with the 50, with the Hen
Feed it to my stomach, start messin' with the gin
Lurk around corner where the n***as really wanna hit the Bloody Mary
Hold on, before the blunt goes in
Wait, hold up n***a, hold up
Ay, what are you doin'
Ay, that n***a smokin' all the motherf**kin' weed
Ay, f**k that sh*t n***a
I’m in this motherf**ker doin' a verse damn n***a
But you can’t just smoke a pot of weed like that homie
Ay, pa** that sh*t n***a
Yeah, it’s motherf**ker trip