Twisted Insane
Trigga’ Tonguez
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Trigga Tonquez
Loc Saint...
Twisted Insane...
Eric C the Tempa Tantrum...
Cock back...

[Hook: Loc Saint]
Welcome to a Trigga Tongue Goon toon
Everybody step back gimme room
Make sure that all your safeties off and the hammers cocked back to go boom
Next up that automatic Trigger from the state called Tha’Wash
Loc Saint unload your clip tongue flip and let your trigger shoot off

[Verse 1: Loc Saint]
Buckin and ruckin to pull it
Fuck it we nuck it or bullet
You better be duckin or you’ll be struck in the gullet
A when I suckin da air and prepare for symbolic
Erratic a manic in a panic harder then granite a witta finger up on the trigger to pick up
What I'm packing and you better get em up hit em up wet em up are you ready for the dump a da rounds now spit em up
Bout to go down
Trigga tongue throw down
I'mma K-9 headed for the vein line bit em up
Ripple through da body witta riddle that I made up
Riddle witta little venom in em get sprayed up
Griddle A plus on da flesh get ya grade up trigga (hold up) tongue (wait up) tunes
I swear they can't breath so I gotta take a second to reload to wreck it in mega mode before my lung seize (yeah right)
Tap into the bad percent of me buckin like an automatic with a static anatomy in my manic in a panic
On a radical battery in a battle with a rattle from the tip of the tongue that knows none but saddling up and spitting so much rhythm outta me
I'm bout to scatter my guts and put da mainstream rappers on da platter with a side of Adobada and I wanna eat em up cause the tracks are wack and weak as fuck
Set em all up call em all out
Raining down upon the game like a nuke with a catastrophic fallout
Then we suited up Loc, Twisted Insane, Murda and Tempa to kick em all out
I reloaded my trigga to count the kills when I'm floating my figures be getting bigger by the thrills
Inside of my mind you'll find jimmy riggin the wheels
Centered within many of my various skills
Everybody getting chills when I make em all feel that compatible Hannibal real deal
With the gums set steal like a gun ret peeled my tongue straight back and started crackin off steel
I'mma open the lips and load clips that'll get ya focused to note just how the Loc comes real
Wrote this with a opus come and quote this trigga finger itchy so I scratched to kill
[Hook: Loc Saint]
Welcome to a Trigga Tongue Goon toon
Everybody step back gimme room
Make sure that all your safeties off and the hammers cocked back to go boom
Next up that maniac trigger from the state they call killer Cali
Twisted Insane unload yo clip and show em all how you rally

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Choppin anybody with karate as I pull up on 'em poppin everybody
Droppin somethin now they really runnin
Stood up on the grave and I'm up in the cemetery
When you finished with the millimeter homie it is still beginning
Bust'em when I kick the door watch'em with the shit
People really wonderin like who the fuck I'm with
I don't really get it so I keep a wicked trigger finger
Feeling hella itchy
Imma pull on this bitch
I hit'em with the shit that make a n***a
Wanna get up out his seat and mess around a motha fucka like a rabbit
Only if I could a been a n***a workin at a mickey d's double cheese
But the swishers automatic
Homie it could be erratic but the devastation
Posted with the fiends
Im a sickling
When I rip beings
Never ping
When the clip sing
Hear the phone ring
Let your team get the beasting underground king
I'mma lean on a n***a
Black mask toe tag so sad
When i hit beans on a n***a
I remember when it used to be cool
But that was way before the ratchet bitch put rings on a n***a
Hit 'em with the trigger when I'm spitting
I don't really care if anybody walking while their sayin' he ain't shit
They can eat a fucking dick
I'm it
Hit 'em with a bullet put 'em in the trunk then hop up in the whip
Then move to the wind
Grippin up on a motherfuckin .40
And I'm faded of the juice and the gin
Loosin' the swim
Doin' bout' a hunned' fifty moving through the night
N***a who's finna win?
I don't really know if I'mma make it
I'mma fucking train until he gets to location
Bathe in a bitch guts
Right before I cut
Pardon me if I keep anybody waiting
I'm in the fast lane
With the pedal to the metal
Doin' about a hundred eight
Don't wanna be late
I'mma push through the night
Homie, I don't really wanna miss the brains on my plate
Remain hella great
Probably cuz' I always keep my zip to my own
And my lips on a bong
Anybody wanna go against that, hit 'em up
Make a muthafucka feel the clip, then I'm gone!
[Hook: Loc Saint]
Welcome to a Trigga Tongue Goon toon
Everybody step back gimme room
Make sure that all your safeties off and the hammers cocked back to go boom
Next up that fully loaded Trigga from the state they call Wash Town
MurdaScriptz unload yo clip and show em how you get down

[Verse 3: MurdaScriptz]
Murda kill em with the venom like a fully automatic
Send em packing into panic, before they end up in the attic
With machetes for the battle
Cause you gunners busting
Sum it up it fits better when you fucking with the devil
The militia busting naval
Cause your navy's so [?]
But you never want a runner
I was raised to be a rebel
I dishevel anybody that will bring it to the table
If you tipping with the label then I'mma gun ya till your unable
And I'm out to get the pimping
If you get into my way
I'mma shake you with the wrists
Disappear into the vapor
I'm an animal I take it back
A pistol like a prissy person
Levitate the baby then you know I can disable
Now you ready for the maggots and a red room
Remember how I did it when I killed it
And I'm debted
I'mma finish with the sickest
And embellish
And I beat it to a rubble
Papa Trig had said to let the ammunition off the rack
Well I'm a psycho
Take a battle and you battle like a rattle
When I'm sick enough to bite I'll get aggressive like a wonder
That'll stop you gonna tell us sitting dirt
Then a temple
I'm a tier Christian
Busting like a taffy in the turf
Feel the power when it kinda busting
Automatic thunder
Never wind up in the belly cause it's just to be a gutter
Better go and find your cover I'm a fucking helicopter
Chopping other motherfucker if he thinking that he's tougher
Pissing I will get it when I spit it to a sucker
And if others try to profit I will cut em like a butter
Cut em in to pieces then send em to the mother
No, another body missing better come up undercover
Then I can depend it when they cut up with a sawed off
And if anybody really wanna come and have a problem
We can settle the vendetta when I ploy the bread
I put another money bag in the acid with a saw
So you better step back when the gat blast
Finger on the trigger when I bust and I rush to attack that
When it pop on the block like a black hammer
Scriptz routine Insane and the Tantrum
Fit to get upended with a fifty and a strap blast
Feel the wrath of a killer
Trigger matic and it's like that
Trigga Tonguez on a mission with a vision for the fast rap
Ready for collision when the guns go bam bam
[Hook: Loc Saint]
Welcome to a Trigga Tongue Goon toon
Everybody step back gimme room
Make sure that all your safetys off and the hammers cocked back to go boom
Next up that machine gun trigger from the state of Colorado
Tempa Tantrum unload your clip just like you stepped into battle

[Verse 4: Eric C. The Tempa' Tantrum]
It's that, Colorado demon killer coming to kill every demon up inside of your body
Repping the name of the father in heaven when I be covered up in the blood
But you be too attacking Illuminati
Stepping up into the party
And pulling out a fully automatic weapon
That be ready for whenever you thinking that you be ready to go to war with a brother from Colorado
Because Imma hit em up with million bullets
But the weapon of the warfare that I been taking the shots with ain't carnal
Steadily mighty up in the heavenly father when I was slipping the clip and breaking every one of your strongholds
T-t-t-Tantrum feeling the holy spirit up inside of me
Demons better get ready to run
See the devil up inside of you making your body shake and be the one that ripping it when you bumping your gums
Ain't nobody that be stepping to the words of mother father gotta get rid of any demon that wanna argue
Ripping the tongue up outta your mouth
So you can dress to kill
Got a Colombian necktie for you haha
I already know whether we be winning
Copping the W because the father in heaven giving his only begotten to be crucified on the cross for my sins
Couple of days later arisen
Pull the trigger let the Glock sing
Cock bang
Pop flame
My claim
Y'all ain't
Christ reigns
You better believe it the day that they be coming
Everybody finna look up at the sky watching the father in heaven coming up outta the clouds on a white horse
Already know when I finna ride