Twisted Insane
The Carol
Somebody stole our presents
What the holy f**k in tarnations
What the f**k
Someone stole our Christmas
Where he at?

Coming down that chimney, faded off that henny
N***a that got plenty, all the sh*t plus remmy
Hurry up while they all sleep and they in sheets, blood gimme
Everythin but the Christmas tree, all the treats for Timmy
Puttin everythin up in the livin room right in my sack
Hurry up before they wake up and they end up in sacks
Gone but ill be back, phones finna be tapped
Gone finna bе rat, knows better be strappеd
St Nick finna come tonight wait up with a MAC-10
When he turn I'm right there like hey there wats happenin?
We gon' take a little ride up in your sleigh, Santa so strap in
Tell dasher and donner and pracer get prancin
I'm off through the night, better recognize b*t*h I'm Krampus
We try to come through hang out but no one can stand us
We try to go through the radio until they all banned us
You told me get up out the door but we came back like bandits
I murder everybody in the buildin when I land on that roof
Everythin up in the livin room when you wake up its poof
There's some real choppin they fixin a brew
When I roll one or two I got sh*t to go through
Sh*t is brazy when you live in the zoo
Krampus is comin to fall up on you
Light one or two, n***as ain't no fools
Heat em up like food, ain't nothin bool
Murder redrum anybody with me
Better run away before we come and get me
I'm a ghost and I'm all up in your Christmas past
Comin back to haunt you, oh sh*t that's your a**
Ain't no more presents, I burn 'em up like gra**
I shoot your a** comin in that store with no mask

Just see how long all these little bad kids last
I got five on that one right there, f**k it up en ma**e
Gonna feel my wrath
Walkin a dark path
Burn em into ash
Spend your whole life trashed
Now I'm on these rooftops givin out new tube socks
All of your hood better be good
'Fore you get boom-boom bopped
And fed to the reindeer on Brain time
B*t*h I do not tolerate no bullsh*t
That bill will get you popped

They say I'm not real...
They say I'm not real...
They say I'm not real...
They say I'm not real

Must've been one of them lil dumb kids off that Nyquil
Been around the world but from the West like I'm Fievel
B*t*h I'm on nitro, lighted up by my flow
They don't wanna have to face you in the same room with Michael
Footprints in the snow and bloodstains on my boots
Puttin' one up in their forehead, right up on that roof
Bring out my troops
Line em up and shoot
There ain't no truce
I am the truth