Twisted Insane
Sick And Twisted (feat. Twisted Insane)
I light your bitches body wit some gasoline
If anybody really wanna fight the brainsick team
I be rappin I be spittin I be off the green
No golf no club be swinging at my enemies
I'm on a
Different level
I made a deal wit the devil
I'm spittin pedal to metal
For the people that can spit it with me
I haven't made it but feelin like I'm the greatest
I gotta get up and take it
I'm one of the few that don't fake it
Got a
Unpredictable, flow invinciblе
Tried for years but fuck the pеace im through
Cried my tears and fought my fears im true
Sought the cheers and split the jeers in two
Had a minute long speech on the bad guy
Now i really be up on a track wit insane
Half of all you rappers man you ain't fly
Auto tune out the shit like T-Pain
Man I'm sick of all the crap
Wonder where your head is at
I be spittin like a minigun or motherfuckin gat
The pace that I be settin
Your face get all red and
Indented and shredded
Get out my place you're not welcome
Cause I flow with the wind
Cope with a grin
Sewed with emotion I'm holding within
Dope from the medicine
Coke with the Gin
Talk what I thought when I wrote with a pen
Oh shit
Who the fuck got this kid started
Too fast sound like he stuttered
My raps survive when i plummet
I don't want it
Change maybe
But i never will flaunt it
Deranged crazy
Whatever you wanna call it
You know we runnin this game
While you fuckin runnin your wallet
[Twisted Insane]
Wanna beat it
But still Il be undefeated
You line em up
I pick em my flow is comin so heated
Finna way they be lookin at me forty i be retreatin
They comin they saying sorry
But still i fuck em and feed em
And we dont give a shit about it gotta get you
Hurry better die before the bottle hit you
You say you rich I hope you brought the lotto witchu
That nasty bitch
You think you got a model witchu
I will never be it on the corner beggin plannin witchu
Smokin on the ganja I will never be a mammal witchu
Let you tell it you gon sell a ticket
I ain't rackin withchu
Blood you fuck around and get to feelin like Chewbacca hit you n***a
I told you I'm a different breed
Hit the weed
They gon find me on a mission on the way to victory
Its a murder goin down in history
Underworld smother my enemies
Trynna hit the alley but they found us in the coupe
Hit the ground turn around homie don't shoot
In the back was a bag filled with b lou
I dont wanna give it up what would you do
Shit i hit the alley make a right then i go through
A couple lines im feeling like im ken and goku
Im rollin with the brain and we don't live with no rules
And I don't listen to nobody I don't know you