Twisted Insane
Rhyme or Die
Verse 1 (RcThaHazard)

Hazardous shit, hazardous sound
I'll be back in a bit but I'm not backin down
I don't rap in a ring but I'm grabbin the crown
I don't think ima king but I drink til I drown
The beat'll be pounding
Elite is surrounded with heat in the street and it keeps me around
You can easily see that RC has been down
For my freedom I'd need to be deep in the ground
Ima.... Do it a little bit differently
Get homi....cidal if they got what I need and don't give it to me
Serious injuries from delirious industries
Drama, trauma, there's really no difference to me
Back in the bitch
Not givin up
Should I rap til im rich
Or not give a fuck
Unstoppable hotness
Droppin the raw shit
Haunted or thoughtless
Thought I was stuck
Thought I was fucked
Tired of givin up
I don't give a fuck
Shocked or you're struck
Dont gotta bring it up
Rocked with the rough
And I Don't give a shit about popular
Forget the pathetic regret it or get it but honestly I am not holdin my breath
And they've already sold all the souls to get hold of the checks now they hopin that no one is left
Life is the answer if death is the question
Can't message a master a matter of methods
A method don't matter a shattered reflection
Reflectin a ladder of Hazard Perception
Hook (Bob Westfall & Marla Lemon) x2

Rhyme, rhyme, rhyme everyday
Rhyme everyday cause I can
Die, die, die any day
Die any day long

Verse 2 (Twisted Insane)

People they wanna be funny and poppin em full of bullets when I'm dumpin the heat
Nobody wanna be in the way heavy anticipation make em feel defeat
Maul em up in the hall with a couple of swift kicks
I made sick shit
Murder madness make em feel the sadness make em move to this quick
Never fuckin with no bitch hit
You a n***a that ain't get to tell em
I'd rather time up, put em up in the basement when a motherfucker start yellin
Put em up in the kitchen to eat you for dinner
You are the loser while I am the winner
I am the root of all evil now homie there'll be no sicko I'm a born sinner
And I'm off of my recura homie i promise you this ain't no norm shit
Fuckin bitches like it's porn shit ima eat the pussy like it's corn chips
Darkness surrounding my soul, the devil talkin to me when I'm asleep
Hand me the heat
Tellin me to take it to another level talk is cheap
Time is meant to confuse
Your mantic illusion
Gettin contusion
Leavin em bruisin
Bringin your body behind the black Cadillac when I be cruisin
Nobody want it
I'll be the gonnet
Chewin your vomit
Look like a comet
You may gotta tell me twice you tell me the first time I hop in I be already on it
Hook x2