Twisted Insane
Dusk Till Dawn
Verse 1 (Kamikazi)

I puts in work
Always in a sync when my mind lurks
Deep in the music ever since my birth
Try to keep a level head in the center of my Earth
Barely see my family and work and perfected my verse
Rather be on my Xbox but lets not be dumb
Don't have no time to kick it im sorry homies Im up
Cigorilla would tell my men to give up
Im buried in the instrumentals eleven thoughts run
Im living my dream but it's hard work
I knew this comin in it but Im prepared to give it my all verse
Kamikazi rip you apart worst
From the sweat and tears facing my many freeze when this song hurts
Night to day and day to night
Im gettin high from the pain i write
Another page will the flame ignite
While shits brains still as sharp as razor blade devices i like
I sit up in this cage i train to rip mics
See these fort walls cave em in to some site
But givin everything to live to live life
I was searchin for a way to gain to get right
I love the music i was meant to do this ain't to substitution now im being polite
Everyone's illusion or what the fuck you doin like fuckin screwin but you work the night
Til you emerge from light
To spit the venom when you curse to write
I feel it burn 'til it turns to ice
For what it's worth if you heard em tight
To put the words that i wrote inside this verse you can learn the night
Brainiacs recite
You must of heard the call
I got you diggin in the motherfuckin dirt and brawl
It's my turn to song
Now pull a ticket when I'm called upon
Now put in work ain't no off and on
Homie dusk till dawn
Hook (C.Ray) x2

I ain't finna let nobody get up in my way
On a mission for the money when i gotta pay for where i stay
Homie if i gotta hurt you i be comin i dont think that you can run that long
You never see me bluffin you dont want it when i'm husslin' n***a dusk till dawn

Verse 2 (Twisted Insane)

I be up and pushin n***a dusk till dawn
Really gettin hard for me to remain calm
I be on my own shit
Get it how I gotta get it so it doesnt matter what the fuck you on
I wake up in the night when everybody go to sleep
I be risin from my grave and quick to hop up on my feet
Im jumpin in the pussy and im divin in the deep
Get up, tell the bitch to get it then i send her to the street
Anytime you beat me you know that im pushin
Bitch you got some pillow for your cushion
Beat the pussy up until its gushin
Clean a motherfucker I just like my dick was gushin
Better be knowin about the one they call the last demon
Sicko with the pistol on a mission for my gang
Castle Grayskull like I'm He-man
Post up on a throne all alone always talking to my brain. Brain?
Do you wanna make a movie get to pushin on all with the pistol while im starvin like a pit and i can guarantee that we can get away without a trace and make a way for bust a lift while i sleep up in the shit
And when they pull up and they walk up in the ditch
I be in that motherfucker lurkin
Hammer hangin heavy on my hip
Lookin like a n***a who was ready put the work in
Told me Im a brainsick fiend and a microphone eater
Move up on you basterd runnin faster than a cheetah
Lookin like chewbacca better back up 'fore you beat up
Smoke a pound a day up in my kitchen got my feet up
Re up
Yes I had to finger fuck a bitch and i dont really give a shit just what the fuck you on
You be layin in your bed sleep
I be off from jerkin with the pusher n***a dusk till dawn
Hook (Charlie Ray) X2