Twisted Insane
Positive Vibe
[Verse 1: Rittz]
I come from the slum where punks get jumped
When they run they mouth, f**k a one-on-one
And the gun you brought, pull it out, I dare you
I ain't scared to die, matter fact, I'm prepared to
Last year flew by, thank God
I was thinking I ain't meant to make it out alive
But I did, it was time to devise
Of a plan to return, where do I decide?
Now I act more vicious, rack some more business
Anyone'll get smacked down, f**k friendships
You can have a Men's Fitness subscription
And hit thе gym daily and think you're invincible
When a pistol pulls, sing a diffеrent tune
Than you just did, shoulda never said sh*t
All the buff guy, tough guy sh*t just died
Now the paramedics gotta do a deadlift
Sh*t is in the air, I swear, this young ho
That I know in my sub-division pregnant
She try to play out when I said she gained
I think about her pu**y and the punishment it's taken
Heard she moved out of state and she married a vet
He beat her up, pulled the hair on her head
I was smoking with the homie and I asked him
What he thought about it, he said, "It depend what she did"
If you want a gun, hope it isn't hid in the shed
'Cause if there's any grief for the dead they been long gone
And Gwinnett is like a warzone
All the fly sh*t you're puttin' on got 'em followin' your car home
Not the task force, but the jack boys
They done been to prison once and they ain't afraid to go back
Better lay it down, show 'em where the dope at
You don't wanna end up gettin' toe-tagged

[Chorus: Rittz]
When I'm walking outside
There's not a positive vibe in the air right now
Had a lot of friends die
And the positive vibe that I had, I don't

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I don't wanna hear it, I don't wanna bullsh*t
Tripping at your mama house, she telling me to cool it
You shoulda, woulda, coulda
Now you're standing with my foot up in your tulip
I'ma pull up, man, but you won't ever do sh*t
You gon' have to eat the .45 for dinner
Ain't no money in pocket, no ride, no spinners
Sit up in the house so much alone and what I'm havin'
F**king put 'em in the woods and they survive all winter
Man, they gotta clear the room right now
You gon' make me get up, sonic boom like Guile
Ain't no tough guy, I could double-back
And have you running like it's track
You better back up 'fore I shoot like "blaow"
My name is in your mouth like you know it all
Better stay up at the mall 'fore you blow it all
I put it on my mama, when I catch 'em, I'ma shoot 'em
Until you're dead and do your head like it's a bowling ball
I've had it with the Mr. Nice Guy sh*t
Why, it's funny, man, I never knew you ride d**k
Everybody told me it was something like a sidekick
Tight fit, d**k up in your booty for a nice whip
They tell me ain't no way that I can win
And now I'm thinking, "Where the f**k do I begin?"
I wish somebody would and I be waiting for you to talking
While you walk up out the door and I pull up on a Schwinn, motherf**ker
Go against me, I will never lose, move
Better watch it, you ain't gotta deuce, loose
Pent up and you're talking like you're Bruce-Bruce
Man, I get away like I'm a loose noose
I was ready for the head up
Ain't nobody even talkin' 'bout no rap sh*t
I ain't tripping, they can go ahead and U-turn
I be standing, waiting with the sh*t that make 'em backflip
[Chorus: Rittz]
When I'm walking outside
There's not a positive vibe in the air right now
Had a lot of friends die
And the positive vibe that I had, I don't