Twisted Insane
Don’t Mean Nothin
[Verse 1]
They think I’m fallin’ but not at all
I never said that I got it all
Walked in the store and I bought it all
That’s a dispensary, not a mall

Used to tell em I’d hit em
’Til they wake in the morning
Check their phone and see not a call
I lose my mind when I’m off the ball
Bust ’til there’s nothin’ to pop at all

Back in this b*t*h like I never left
Time to get up
Drag the sh*t through the mud by myself
People will tell you “He pits”
And “Don’t listen to him”
And then bump my sh*t when by themselves

I do not pay it no mind
Sh*t, I’m lying
I be hoping that they will all die with some pain
Wishin’ that they would be restin’ in p*ss
And infected with sickness
A COVID-type strain

Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Blood, you ‘bout to getcha homie ‘rona
And take a flight right out to Minnesota
And sleep right on the homie Kaze’s sofa
I’m drinkin’ blood like it’s a can of soda
I’m bound to quit this rap sh*t for good
I’m back to stocking shelves at the Kroeger
I’d walk up out this b*t*h if I could

Yo I know a couple n***as that’s from your hood
(That don’t mean nothin’ to me)
Lemme hold five on Friday, I’m good
(That don’t mean nothin’ to me)
I just need a lil somethin’ somethin’
N***as tell they go in dumpin’
(That don’t mean nothin’ to me)
I’m not built for all this kinda funkin’
I need help, I’m on the ledge, I’m jumpin’
(That don’t mean nothin’ to me)

[Verse 2]
I don’t want nothin’ but to shoot
They is the fake, I am the truth
I be havin’ n***as hiccup
When I get up in the booth
When I come to murder on the mic
I get off like Babe Ruth

Wanna pray to Jesus?
Better do like they do
Will he come and save you?
Bein’ awful thankful?
I was in the middle of the fest
With a fifth of Gray Goose
Got it mixed with a little Red Bull
So I can stay juiced

Takin’ brackers to the Batcave
Ain’t nobody ready in the rap game
Every time I show up
N***as all throw up backstage
Meet em in the bathroom, he doomed
Tied up with the mask tape
Cut em up ’til bone
See how long that takes
Drownin’ but I finally found another life
Time for me to run up with a gun or knife
Hurry ‘fore he go into his last dream
You don’t gotta ask me, b*t*h, I done died twice

Step into a dark room
Ain’t no people, no nothin’
Bodies finna pile up
To the frontline they be rushin’
Never thought you’d end up
In the plot for concussions
Shots done let off (BRRRT)
Now your stomach is gushin’

Mayday, mayday
Now these people done lost it
I’ll make sure to put this tape in your coffin
I’m just being nice
I don’t do it often
This COVID got me shootin’ people that’s coughin’

[Repeat Hook]