Twisted Insane
Light Them Up
Sit up at night im alone with the weed
Lookin in the fridge for somethin to eat
The demon they still do be talkin to me
I told them not now i get off at round 3 (yeah)
Blazin weed, ain't got no more its just resin for me
I scrape and scrape
Try to get everything out of this piece
They say im a fiend
Because i have no love for them but more love for the green
I be smokin on the pound and they dont want to come around somebody found me
In my dream
Got the cookiеs and the purple kush
Brainsick brainsick when im on thе bush
Got the chronic momma come and look
Got me high and i just wanna cook
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 the food is done
Now the smoke is gonna fill my lungs
Pack the bowl now i have begun

I be on one when im on the green
Tell me who dont wanna smoke with me
You bring the wrap and i bring the weed
Roll it roll it roll another b
I need this shit life is stressing me out
Police they keep on arresting me now
The enemies keep wanna stressin me, wow
I only want kush put the stress in the ?pot?
(Light them up)
Come with me and we gon light it up
Look at all the smoke up in the track
Covid got me with the mask and gloves
Now i really never pass a blunt
Up in smoke just like im Cheech and Chong
Everymornin imma ??? the bong
Got me feelin i can sing a song
Got me movin when the beat is on

Fuck how much did i just roll?
I need to save it when im on the road
Tough when you smokin everywhere you go
Blow in the van with my fans on the road