Twisted Insane
I'm feelin' like Mufasa when I'm on the loose
No tellin' what the f**k'll happen when I'm on the juice
With the brain they playin' at insane so they can get a boost
F**k a truce
Slug up in the noodle, I will never lose
We back up on a high we trynna hit a new
City, no one will forget me n***a no one knew
Who the f**k we is with a questions about what we do
We done drove a minute so I hear we end up on the news

Then im all up in the driveway for the get back
Where he go bro no one know so eat him up like kitkat
Not a landlord wanna come at me talkin bout they want rent back
Better ask trump better blast dump if imma go get that

Tales of a n***a lifetime its rust up
Run around sayin I'm lit then I might get all f**ked up
Therapy never did sh*t so I really dont know what's what
Everybody who turn cold end up with their guts cut
(ugh, the f**k)
Off 'em like Raiyu (Raiyu)
Raised up with the Bloods, Crips and the Pirus (Pirus)
Always sleep one hand on this rifle (rifle)
Fit em at it I be all up in em with a rival (rival)
Never got this close to a real psycho (psycho)
On a move go sonic boom like Guile (Guile)
Knowin' there won't be no survival
In the ground when you f**k around with Michael