Twisted Insane
The Nothing
[Verse 1]
I used to be filled with no doubt at all, tried to win, it's only drown or fall
Everyone told me I'm bound to fall, filling out apps, but I doubt they call
Slept under bridges for months, nowhere to go, I was f**ked
I looked at time, so I'm stuck wit no family, no money, no homies, I'm sh*t outta luck
So what? Life is tough, tried to talk sh*t, but I'm off the bottle
When I get sick, I turn Nosferatu
Yelling out "B*t*h let's go mano y mano"
We can get Lit in this here McDonald's
People tell me I could make it if I would switch up and give up on this horror sh*t
Them is the same ones whom ain't nevеr been in that padded room off of that Thorazine
I can go on and on about the dark, lifе but I'm sleeping nights up at da park
Everyone stuck a knife up in my heart, now I just stick to biting, I don't bark
No one to hang when they say that chu brazy, better off by my self, I stay wit .380
I hit the streets, b*t*h I've never been lazy, f**k all that peace, I want cheese and da gravy
So many nights I done spent on da bathroom floor, with that blade to my wrist, I was glad to go
Had to stop myself, my kids was at the door, I don't want them to find me dead at this bowl
I'm just in my mental, ain't no sentimental, I'll break ya denim, n***a, f**k a change
I dun blacked out, all I think about is people on the net saying "F**k the brain"
N***a f**k the fame, sick is in my brain, not a mutha f**ka wanna bet on me
I was living life way up on the edge, they gon' probably find me dead up in the street
Ain't no f**king sheep, life is over wit, people dropping dead off this COVID sh*t
Maybe I won't make it out this horror show, maybe I will end up on the floor sick
So I write this letter, like sorry I had to go
But then I had thoughts of my kids waking up in the morning like "Where did my daddy go?"
So I made a choice, I'ma stay and help them all out wit they grades
But that's in the day, cuz when the sun goes down I stay, giving them all razorblades

[Verse 2]
They know I will strike with that venom, they don't want a n***a back with the voodoo
Time I had to go and put one in your denim, I'ma wait for them to fall down cause they all sound like doodoo
Thinking that you really all that, but I saw that on Hulu
Who knew I would see a n***a dressed up in a tutu?
I am really with the rappin' but your actin' is poopoo
I been tryna sit and maintain, but the Insane is cuckoo
Now we turnt up, baby, sip this sh*t, pa** the green
I'mma have to murder everybody in the game dipped in gasoline
They not really with it I'mma hit em with the Ice Cube, "No Vaseline"
I don't wanna be cheesy, too easy to smash your team
Time for me to seal your fate, brain gang, hard for me to really maintain
I aim thangs, I'm never comin' with the same thang
I ain't finna sit and talk, I go bang bang
Pull up on you lil mothaf**kas who be runnin' 'round the street talkin' 'bout gang gang gang
I don't ever wanna see another pair of skinny jeans in my lifetime
Matter fact I'm bout to take em all back, Brainsick when I write rhymes
I ain't even trippin' on you n***as, you're the enemy now but it's my time
Adios a mothaf**ka, take another shot back through the pipeline
In the night time, ain't nobody on my level, they don't wanna meddle with the one
Always fill em with the pain, but I gotta maintain it some
They be like "Please stop!", better when you go out on top
I'm like "Ain't nobody finna go nowhere, it's just begun, lil B*T*H"