Twisted Insane
Mary Jane
Verse 2 (Twisted Insane)

I be off of weed I'm about to stuff an eighth up in a blunt
Hop up in a circle let em hit it if he want
Take a puff and hit this sh*t for 50 seconds ain't no punk
I be posted in the back of a Cadillac blowin skunk
Smokin around about a pound a day i hope you get the picture
Somebody better hop up in the whip and get the swisher
I can be high from here until the moon
Smoking weed and eatin shrooms
Maybe if i chew but it be my elixir
One more bar right before i hit the door and go
One more fresh bowl before i hit the liquor store
Homie all i need is just a hit and go
People lookin at me like its really so forbidden though
Homie whatchu splittin for?
Everybody in this motherf**ker gettin high up off of weed
You will wanna take a hit indeed
I will match you back to back and keep on stackin with the trees
I wake up in the morning the first thing i gotta do is take a toke
I only wanna smoke up on this sh*t to make me choke
Sh*t imagine how much weed that we can fit up on a boat
We should take a trip and homie we can really f**kin float
Did i bring enough so we can load a bowl up? Check
And bring enough that we can even roll up? Check
My life is always filled with so many so ups did i bring enough liqour so i be laying in my throw up? Yep
I needa roll another one another green thumb
I be fiending for that sh*t like it's really a f**kin drug
I need it like i need the air i breathe
I take another leaf
And put it in the air becoming with the bud
And everytime im going through some sh*t
I take a hit to really ease the pain
Roll up when i load up in my spliff
And i do admit that I'm in love with mary jane...brain!

(I only did Twisted Insane's verse, maybe I'll do the other ones later)