Twisted Insane
Freak Night
[Verse 1: koshir]

It’s the big bad wolf again, n***a I’m the truth
Once i show up to the party i be blowing off the roof
I’m the proof
I got rules when that b*t*h be bustin' koshir when i choose that i know's:
Ev-er-y girl that i come across is not f**ked up
That i know's:
Better use a condom or you'll end up in the hospital
That i know's:
Check you I.D., b*t*hes ain't sh*t
And they'll set a n***a up for some A10 sh*t

Give me brains b*t*h
Learn me language
I speak dough get me more and you can hang wit'
You know the game trick
Let me see yo' pussi hoe
Put this fire cracker in your Gucci and do the Tutsi roll

Cowabunga we some mo'f**kas
Naw literally
We are some mothaf**kas
Got this party sh*t locked;
Molly been popped
And your b*t*h gettin' hot when that f**kin beat drop


Hey b*t*h does you f**k on the first date?
Is you gonna suck a d**k on your birthday?
Don’t be afraid it's okay if you thirst-y;
I got somethin' that'll wet your throat...
It too cold for y'all hoes to be f**kin' around
You get Joe for (?) (?) n***as stuck in the ground
For this dough i'm forever on the hunt like a hound
Okay ya better sleep night
Yeah cause its freak night...

[verse 2: twisted insane]

F**k me, f**k me
Give it to me like a p***o
Beat the, eat the, pussi like it was the (journo?)

(hey man, this is delivery not the (journo?))
Put you up in a room and I’m ready to get up in you with the lead pipe
On the bed right, beat the pussi till the sh*t is looking bloody red, right
Like I am Hugh Deff 42 step and a big nympho
Hoes be all at my shows and they don't know what they askin for
Finna kill a b*t*h, finna fill a b*t*h, drill a b*t*h like a construction
All up in a hoe c**t
And im on her f**k a hoe fussin'!
Everybody know when i be bustin'
Jizz on your face, wizz on your face
Plus these two walls on your lips
Lookin' like cheese grills on your face
I coulda been that one that f**ked you with la**oos
Never get up in someone till you know what you're f**kin' in too
Wanna run up and put a gun in it i'm sick like jay vorhees
Put you up in a room with sex tools and gang orgies
Im psycho, brainsick
Come with me if you want to
Im kinda like a spirit 'cos i got that d**k that'll haunt you!